Saturday, September 18, 2010

The slow death of an abandoned McMansion

From SI Live:

Unkempt and vacant houses have become a problem in the West Shore section of Staten Island, say residents, and this home isn't any different.

Located on the corner of Fanning Street and Westwood Avenue in Castleton Corners, a massive two-story home surrounded by weeds, some as tall as 15-feet, make the building impossible to walk to, and in the process, prevent a fire hydrant outside the house from being seen.

The large, beige building at 208 Fanning St. was constructed within the last four years. City permits were issued to enlarge vertically a one-story, one-family home to a two-story, one-family home in March 2006, according to the city's Department of Buildings (DOB).

But after three and a half years, in November 2009, the permit expired and a new certificate of occupancy was never obtained.

The DOB inspected the site in February this year and found it was secure and locked, and that no violating conditions were found. The agency encourages folks to call the city complaint hotline at 311, if there are any concerns.

According to's property Web site, Elizabeth Rubina, Larisa Gorn and Dimitry Bonduryansky are listed as property owners, but an additional public records listing shows Ms. Rubina as the sole owner of the plot. Ms. Gorn and Ms. Rubina were unable to be reached, and Bonduryansky did not return a phone message.

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Anonymous said...

Why you would build a house and then let it rot is beyond me. I suggest the neighbors get out there and chop the weeds themselves. It's called taking charge, and it feels great. If you wait for the government to do anything, you will grow old and bitter.