Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cell towers a suprise to co-op owners

From the Queens Chronicle:

Dozens of members of the Forest Park Cooperative are miffed that the co-op board of directors signed a deal to put up cell phone antennas on the roof of one building without consulting the residents.

A group of owners seeking to stop the installation of the antennas on the Hudson building in Section 3 of the co-op, located at 83-77 Woodhaven Blvd., have circulated petitions and are mulling legal action to halt it. But they are concerned it may be too late to stop the process.

Marian Molina, one of the residents opposed to the cell antennas, said the group is considering filing a lawsuit seeking an injunction to halt the process. However, they don’t have the money to pay an attorney and are trying to find pro bono representation.

“None of the shareholders knew about this,” Molina said. “The board has the right to make business decisions without consulting us, but that’s for routine things like paying bills and painting walls, not signing a 25-year contract to put up cell phone towers on our buildings.”

Another resident opposing the project, Viktoriya Driker, said the owners were never told about this deal and only found out by accident.

“Someone went online to look at building violations and they came across permits the board applied for to install antennas,” she said. “When we asked them about it they said it was a board decision, not a shareholder decision.”


Anonymous said...

I sell lead lined me!

Anonymous said...

Coop and condominium boards are unbelievably irresponsible, autocratic, and inhuman. That's been my experience. It's probably because sensible people don't want to serve on those boards and deal with lunatics.