Monday, September 27, 2010

Crash landing at JFK

From the AP:

With a flight attendant yelling "heads down, stay down," passengers cowered and prayed on a tense descent into John F. Kennedy International Airport as malfunctioning landing gear sent sparks flying and left one of the plane's wings dragging along the tarmac.

No one was hurt Saturday evening when Delta Connection Flight 4951, operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, made its emergency landing on its way to White Plains, N.Y., from Atlanta, said Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Steve Coleman.


georgetheatheist said...

"Heads down. Stay down." Has the remix version been recorded yet? Techno? Hip-hop? Mantovanni? Jimmy Sturr?

"I give it a 10, Dick, and you can dance to it."

Anonymous said...

Rather than saying "I'm declaring an emergency" the pilot was coy with the air traffic controller/tower -- "If it is not obvious, I am declaring an emergency."

Later, the tower was confused: "I understand you have your right gear stuck down," the tower said. "The right gear is stuck up," the pilot said. "The other two are down." -- For landing, of course, "stuck down" is the correct position.

Anonymous said...

Daily News quoted him saying:

"It was better than the Hudson," the pilot said.

What a jackass.

-Joe said...

Figures another French Canook "Fly by wire" piece of crap that braught us failing autopilot subway cars
You cant crank or over-ride ANYTHING when a computer glitch happens. Wait till one of these falls on Queens

It rather fly some DC-3 flown serviced by $10 and hour drunks in Punta Cana.
--and I have BTW (In St.Thomas)