Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Defunct bus stops still popular with traffic agents

From Eyewitness News:

Pamela Blount can't hide her disgust.

Last summer the city employee got a handful of parking tickets, each $115, all for parking in a bus stop. There's just one problem.

"Not a bus stop," she said. "As of the 27th, this is no longer a bus stop."

She's talking about the 27th of June. That's when the MTA discontinued the whole bus line on her street.

This route was one of seven entirely discontinued in Brooklyn to help the MTA close an 800 million budget deficit. The routes were stopped, but the signs, all over Brooklyn, remain.

The bus stop sign remains at 3rd and Dean, but on the same pole there is a sign saying the exact opposite - the bus stop is gone.

Pamela even put a sign in her car window to let traffic officers know not to ticket, but she still got four or five tickets.


Anonymous said...

deface the sign,paint over the yellow crb.....

Anonymous said...

Just go around with a saw. cut the poles down.

Shouldn't be much effort.