Friday, September 24, 2010

Why did Stop and Shop close?

"Ok, I don't know where else to ask this, but I'm hoping that you can use your sources to unravel this mystery! Last Thursday (Sept 16) the Stop & Shop at 64-65 Myrtle Ave abruptly closed for "renovations". We noticed that in the weeks leading up to the closure that the stock throughout the store was becoming depleted, and finally on the Monday prior to the closure a single sheet of paper appeared on the entrance announcing that they would be closing for renovations that following week and directed the customers to shop at their other locations. No date was given for the reopening, and none of the staff or managers at he store would give us a date that they would be reopened.

In the past week they seemed to have completely gutted the store and have covered all of the outside signage. The location has also disappeared from the S&S corporate website. The Key Foods location down the block on Myrtle has also started a promotion where if you turn in your S&S club card for a Key Foods card, you get an additional 5% off your groceries.

So what's the deal? S&S was by far the best supermarket in the area and the only decent one within walking distance. Is it going to reopen better than before or is the the neighborhood out of luck?" - Molly

Looked up the DOB info on this place, and it does seem that there is renovation work going on, specifically "RENOVATIONS TO EXISTING STOP & SHOP STORE CONSISTING OF GENERAL CONSTRUCTION WORK AS PER PLANS FILED HEREWITH. NO CHANGE TO USE, EGRESS OR OCCUPANCY."

As this is pretty extensive work, they may not know how long the place will be closed. Please keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

I heard they will re-open in November after the renovation. That is the plan, anyway.

And NSA foods down the block is going gangbusters right now!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're changing to a Super S&S? Love those.

Anonymous said...

As far as being the best supermarket in the area, I couldn't disagree more. That particular Stop & Shop had:

High prices

Spotty produce quality

Limited selection and

An overreliance on automated checkouts resulting in long lines just about any time you went.

It was always my supermarket of last resort.

Believe it or not, both locations of Food Bazaar (Wyckoff Ave. and Gates Ave.) are better in every way.

Also, Valentino's on Fresh Pond and Greenline on Myrtle are both small but have overall better quality and prices than that Stop & Shop did.

Even Key Food on Myrtle is pretty decent with regard to prices, produce quality and selection.

If the company that owns Stop & Shop is smart, they'd address all of the above issues during the renovation and really make an effort to compete. The only thing they had going for them was a reasonably well-lit, sort of big parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I never use the automated checkouts.

Anonymous said...

Whether you used the automated checkouts or not, there were almost always huge lines at this store because SO MANY of the checkouts WERE the automated type.

This store did not understand that the only thing that more automation guarantees is fewer people working at the checkout lines - and that this in no way ensures that the checkout time will be faster. This is true despite the fact that the automated lines were only supposed to be used with small numbers of items.

Plus, it should be noted that even though I didn't go to this store that frequently (perhaps about five times in the last six months), on at least two occasions during that time, my automated checkout had technical problems and would not give me a printed receipt. One of the times, I waited and a very nice person was able to fish one out of the device for me. The other time I was in a hurry and just had to leave.

New technologies can be helpful but should be implemented with care and, most importantly, HAVE TO BE PROPERLY MAINTAINED or they become merely useless toys that some upper management type procured to make themselves look good.

Stop & Shop, are your shareholders aware of these problems?

Anonymous said...

You never use the automated checkouts? What a fascinating and worthwhile comment!

Anonymous said...

the church across the street (Christ Tabernacle) needs to buy it!!