Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Smackpot" at JFK

From the NY Post:

Drug-sniffing dogs at Kennedy Airport hit a $1 million "smackpot," leading customs agents to more than 33 pounds of heroin, much of it sealed in bags of dried milk and coffee in luggage arriving from Guayaquil, Venezuela.

Two Venezuelan men, flying separately from the same airport to JFK on Sept. 14 and Sept. 18, were busted when they retrieved their suitcases.

Murilla Aquilera was arrested after his checked bag, which appeared unusually thick, was found to contain heroin, with a street value of more than $550,000, in milk-powder and coffee containers, authorities said.

On Sept. 18, Holga Ortega-Bravo was arrested after a dog flagged a bag with five packs of heroin, worth $510,000, disguised as milk powder, authorities said.


Anonymous said...

With that much might be able to get out of prison in 3-9 years but with heroin, these guys will be luck if they ever see light again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry dear but Guayaquil is in Ecuador :)

Queens Crapper said...

There's a Guayaquil in Venezuela as well.

Anonymous said...

Not so great, If the feds bust all the Venezuelan's the MS-13 and Mexican gans simply take over.
They are the worst, they cut up and kill anybody (in that order)

When Rudy G took out the Gambino people in the late 80's places like Ridgewood, Ozone Park, Woodhaven went straight to hell.
Gotti didnt put up with gangs on his turf, home owners, real estate agents selling out to scumbags and had the power to deal with them.

Be careful what you ask for !Bloomberg, Kelley's cops and DA Brownie wont protect you against MS13 and Mexican gangs. They dont have the balls, immigration law to fight them without fear for their familys and kids.
You can bet 20X more dope get passed around Elmhurst JH each night. Its on every dam corner from Woodside LIRR to 108 street yet not one bust for coke or smack ?
Somethings not right !