Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Middle Village devastation

From A Walk in the Park:

Many of the neighborhood’s majestic older trees fell victim to the storm. The center of the destruction seemed to be around Juniper Valley Park and the Furmanville Avenue area but few streets south of Eliot Avenue were spared. Juniper Valley Park lost dozens of trees particularly two 100-year old Scarlet Oaks. Several blocks from 80th street to Woodhaven Boulevard off Furmanville Avenue lost many or most of their trees.

As of Monday morning, you still don't see a force of chippers out here. At this pace it will take a very along time to clear the area. We are still discovering more devastation.


Anonymous said...

Its nice that the nypd could send hundreds of cops(on overtime) to the West indian day parade and the Us tennis center,but none for hard working tax payers!

Anonymous said...

What would hundreds of cops, or any other city employees, possibly do in the day or two after the storm? Ad hoc logistics takes time to develop.

It's not as if the city foresaw this type of disaster and had a warehouse full of chainsaws at the ready.

That being said, a good plan is worth a thousand men. The City had no plan, and as we have seen, has an ineffective emergency communications system (i.e. UCT Dispatch System) to boot.

The Mighty Omega said...

I live in Kew Gardens Hills. I've seen a grand total of one parks department truck in the neighborhood since last week. There are still many streets closed and blocked by fallen trees. The only reason the street by my house got cleared is that my co-op's management had our grounds crew clear it. Jewel Avenue still has branches piled in the middle of the traffic lanes. Where's our lovely mayor's press conferences, and proclamations of unity, and promises of full aid from the city government now?
Oh, yeah: this is Queens, and the council district seat is not up for reelection this year, so it doesn't really matter what happens here.