Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can we have a mental competency exam, please?

From the Daily News:

What's Mayor Bloomberg been smoking?

The mayor brought along his Health Commissioner, Thomas Farley, to John Gambling's Friday morning WOR-AM radio show to discuss the proposed smoking ban for city parks and beaches.

But for the life of him, Bloomberg couldn't remember Farley's name.

"A lot of people don't like sitting next to somebody who's smoking, and they don't like -- which incidentally is, Tom Frieden's with us -- Friedman -- yes, well, Foley," the mayor began.

After that, it went from bad to worse, with the unassuming Farley morphing in Bloomberg's mind into chatty New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

"Friedman was the last guy," Bloomberg said. "Frieden was the last guy. Friedman's the columnist, and Foley's the one we have now."

Sorry mayor, try again.

"I picked Foley, Tom Foley because we didn't have to change the monograms on the towels," the mayor said, digging himself deeper.

"Tom Friedman, Tom Foley -- and a lot of people, all kidding aside, don't like all the butts and cigarettes and the beach and everything," Bloomberg said. "Tom, you want to talk about this a little bit?"

Mercifully, Tom - as in Thomas Farley - wanted to talk a bit.

But Bloomberg, who is 68, still sounded confused about which Tom was in the studio.

"Foley," hizzoner said.

"Farley," Gambling corrected the mayor.

"Farley," Bloomberg agreed.


Mike Bloomtard said...

...and that's why they call me Mayor Bloomtard.

georgetheatheist said...

Mayor Bloomberg Karaoke (everybody sing along):

"Hang down your head, Tom Foley.
Hang down your head and cry.
Hang down your head, Tom Friedman.
Poor boy you're gonna die."

Anonymous said...

I've always known him to be a little bit mentally unstable. He thinks there's not enough people in the boroughs and wants to add a few more million. Now, I know I was right. This guy has a screw loose.

faster340 said...

That shows how much respect he has for anyone!

Anonymous said...

The dictator's mind is going. Him and Castro should go on holiday somewhere nice and chill for awhile. Relax. Have a laugh as they trade stories of how they ruined the middle class in each of their countries.

Anonymous said...

And I am sure that a lot of people wouldn't like to sit next to Emperor Reubens......

jo said...

not that big a deal. now your just making him look stupid.

Anonymous said...

I liked Rangel's slip-up better: "The New York city comptroller John JEW".

Anonymous said...

not that big a deal. now your just making him look stupid

Excuse me? We don't have to make him look stupid. He does a good job on his own.

newtownpentacle said...

Doesn't he look tired?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he look tired?

No! He looks arrogant!