Thursday, September 23, 2010

Triangle hell continues

Last year, a DOT project was installed in order to discourage trucks from proceeding through the intersection of 64th Street and Grand Avenue.
It didn't work, and trucks jumped the sidewalk. Mind you, this was to be part of a "Safe Streets to School" program.
What did they do in light of this?

Redid the triangle in order to allow trucks to turn easier.
So they wasted megabucks to do this project twice, when leaving it the way it was originally would actually have been safer. Someone's buddy must have gotten a nice contract.
Not only that, but they had planned to start the Grand Avenue Truck Bypass plan, which would have prevented thru trucks from proceeding down that street under penalty of fine. If that had been put into place, the triangle project would not have been necessary at all.

The plan still hasn't been put into effect. The word on the street is that DOT will release the results of their "study" sometime this fall.

Now if it had been a bike lane...


faster340 said...

The trucks are still coming through and just yesterday I saw one and he had to maneuver to the point where the trailer looked like it was going to tip over. Nice work DOT....

Anonymous said...

You wouldnt have trucks running over the triangle, if somehow the trucks could be stopped from driving up 56 Road, Drive, and Street. That when they make the turn to toward Grand Avenue.

They are not supposed to be driving on residential streets. More police enforcement is needed - but we know that not gonna happen!!!! - If the cops just sat at that corner - its a gimme/homerun - they could write tickets all morning.

faster340 said...

"If the cops just sat at that corner"

Not enough donuts on that corner or not enough people paying them off to stay there.

Anonymous said...

Christ, with all the trucks that barrel down 64th St or try to turn on these narrow side streets you get alot of backups and car horns blaring because they can't make the turn because the trailers are so long. For the 3 years I live here I have seen so many parked cars smashed because of these trucks. So what did DOT do? Instead of saying, "no trucks on residential streets" they curbed parking on all the corners resulting in the loss of parking spaces for residents. And the trucks still can't make these turns.
nice going DOT!
This is the 3rd restructuring of the triangle in as many years. How many millions is that costing????