Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time to limit legal gun ownership!

From the Daily News:

It could soon be a crime to get drunk while packing heat - unless you're a cop.

A bill aired at a City Council hearing Wednesday would subject licensed gun owners to a possible year in jail and $10,000 fine if they're over the limit and armed.

Public Safety Committee Chairman Peter Vallone Jr. said state law prevents the city from including on-duty or off-duty cops in the measure.

The bill has the support of the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg, who failed to get a similar law passed in Albany that also exempted cops.

Arkady Gerney, a mayoral criminal justice aide, testified that police officers are covered by departmental penalties for carrying their firearms and drinking even when off-duty.

Yes, and we all know that cops crack down on other cops whenever possible...


Anonymous said...

When will you Obammies ever learn that Guns protect us from crooks and tyrants.

Anonymous said...

your aloud to have a gun in nyc????

Anonymous said...

The NYPD are the beggining and end of your civil liberties.

NYPD = Anti-freedom.

Anonymous said...

A drunk cop packing heat should be disarmed for his career and put on rubber gun duty.

Cops are the most notorious abusers of firearms when it comes to safety.

These ultra egos often think their guns are their cocks!

coal miner said...

A cop should be required to lock up his piece in the precinct after his shift ends!

Do I take home my dynamite after a days work of blasting?

Anonymous said...

I agree!

For the few rare instances that an off duty cop needs his weapon to protect....a lot more wind up shooting their girlfriends or worse.


Mae West said...


A cop leave the house without his penis in his've got to be kidding.

"Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

Anonymous said...


Hiram Monseratte...ex Marine, ex cop & face slasher to be trusted off duty (maybe drunk) with a 9mm Glock?

Anonymous said...

You mean the rich and the police (who protect the rich) want to be the only ones to be able to have guns??? I'm shocked!!!!

Im not a gun owner, but sometimes i think about going out and getting one just on the principle of it.

Hell, i may even be tempted to get a collectible muzzle-loader, as those you dont even have to register!

Anonymous said...

I am friends with cops and I KNOW they shouldnt be packin while they are drinkin.

Anonymous said...

With the recent documented failure of our brand new Verizon 911 system, every citizen should be packing a rod than have to rely upon "Officer Postsy" (pot belly) and a dropped emergency call!