Friday, September 24, 2010

Sad story at the St. Albans VA

There's even talk of eminent domain - not to expand the sorely needed medical facility - but for the benefit of a private developer who wants to build 1100 units of housing on the property.

We give billions of dollars away every year to people who have no desire to work, yet those who left their limbs on battlefields in defense of our country get rewarded with obstacles to care.

The priorities of this city, state and country are really fucked up.

More coverage at Lost in the Ozone


Anonymous said...

Not even one comment. Shows how much everyone cares about how our veterans are treated. Well I am outraged and disgusted, but not surprised.
Our veterans deserve better!

Helen said...

Both St. Albans' Veterans Hospital AND the St. Albans neighborhood are worth preserving. Was shocked to discover that the Hospital has only two full time MD's on site. Queens can do better than this. What happened to all the Doctors, Nurses and other hospital professionals after the closures of St. John's, St. Vincents' and others in NYC in the past few years? Queens' Veterans deserve better.
The St. Albans neighborhood is a beautiful one. Please don't allow yet another Abuse of Eminent Domain to take place there. Some ugly houses have already been built which haven't been sold, already blighting the neighborhood. Don't allow more of them to be built and sit unsold. St. Albans deserves better and so does Queens.
Are Schumer and unelected Gillibrand as AWOL on this as they have been on everything else? And why isn't "Attorney General" Cuomo poring over the legality of this? It IS an "election year", isn't it? Haven't the politicians taken New Yorkers for granted long enough?