Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ceiling hole fixed

From NY1:

One Queens renter is happy to be rid of a gaping hole inside his apartment after contacting NY1. Our Susan Jhun filed the following "NY1 For You" follow-up report.

Queens resident Manuel Peguero says he's happy that a huge hole is no longer right over his head.

"Before I cannot use the bathroom because whole water coming down soon as they flush the toilet upstairs," Peguero says.

Peguero says it's been going on ever since a large piece of his bathroom ceiling directly over his toilet collapsed in June. He says every time the tenant above him flushes his toilet, water drips down through the hole not only making a mess but also rotting away his already broken ceiling.

Peguero contacted "NY1 For You" last week after three months of trying to get the city's housing authority to fix his ceiling with no luck. The station reached out to NYCHA and they sent inspectors to Peguero's apartment and fixed the leak and hole immediately.

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Paul McCartney said...

I'm fixing a hole,
where the rain gets in,
And stops my mind from wandering,
Where will it go,
I'm filling the cracks,
that ran through the door,
And kept my mind from wandering,
Where it will go........