Sunday, September 19, 2010

Loss of a lollipop

Just wondering if you know any history about this water tower beyond Berrian Boulevard. It has been a landmark for me for 15 years.
On my long night jogs through the deserted streets of the industrial area near the Steinway Piano factory, I often stopped for a few seconds to admire the tower's ghostly, rusted beauty.
I took these photos on September 6, 2010. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see my favorite water tower!
On September 8, I went for a jog in the darkness of evening, and upon turning the usual corner I looked up expecting to see the tower, off in the distance lit by dim orange floodlights, signaling that my jog was three quarters over and I would soon be home. Instead there was a blank piece of cloudy sky. After nearly 15 years of seeing that lonely tower on the horizon, it has vanished. It must have been taken down by dynamite, because it was there one day and gone the next.
I will miss my rusty old metal friend. Was it part of Con Ed? Did it serve the Steinway area? Any history appreciated. Thanks for your time and thanks for your web site.


David Michael Sanders

Here's a bird's eye shot from Windows Live Local:

I believe that was part of the sewage treatment plant. - QC

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Anonymous said...

No, according to and Vallone and just about everyone that is anyone there is no sewage plant in Astoria.

Its the tide ... Its a missing part that will be in place in 6 months (Mike Gianaris - 2008) ... Its the odor from a...a....a... Tea Party on Randals Island!