Thursday, September 23, 2010

Message from Queens Civic Congress


The city is collecting information on damages in order to qualify for federal disaster funds. You can help. Call 311 and report damage to your home or car--even if a downed tree was on your property. You will be asked for an estimate of the cost of repairs. Do this ASAP.

QCC has been working city elected officials to push city agencies to clean up the mess in Queens.

City officials estimate the cost of storm damage in the city at about $50 million. Almost 3,000 trees came down and hundreds of buildings were damaged. Very few people were hurt.

At Congressman Weiner's Town Hall meeting last night, city officials announced that all Queens streets are now passable. It will be days or weeks before tree debris is fully removed and parking spaces restored. If a tree is blocking your street, or if a hanging tree limb appears dangerous, report it to 311. ASAP.

It is your responsibility to remove and pay for downed trees that belonged to you. Homeowners whose community driveways are blocked must remove trees and other debris.

If your home, car or other property was damaged by the storm, obtain an estimate of how much repairs will cost. If you have insurance, make a claim now.

At this time there are no public funds to help with repairs to homes cars etc.

Pat Dolan, Pres.


Anonymous said...

1. would they care if it was in western Queens?

2. and where is the outrage that our elected officials have no response to this except 'do the work yourself'

- oh wait, its QCC. Best not to ruffle any feathers of our 'public servants'.

In classic Queens fashion, if there is a problem, take care of it yourself.

Anonymous said...

In classic Queens fashion, if there is a problem, take care of it yourself.

... or move.