Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tickets continue in spite of new rules

From CBS New York:

Earlier this summer, Park Slope resident Bill Herman and his wife were ticketed for parking at a decommissioned bus stop. As CBS 2HD’s Mark Morgan reports, his repeated attempts to have the ticket dismissed, per the city’s Finance Department’s earlier promise, resulted in only letters stating he could pay a reduced fine instead of the ticket being dismissed outright.

The location where Herman and his wife were ticketed, at that time, had a sign posted that said “this is no longer a bus stop.” Now a “no standing anytime” sign is there, prohibiting parking from the former stop, all the way to the corner.

The Department also said letters offering settlements were part of a long-standing computerized system that pre-dates this current problem.

New York City promised to dismiss parking tickets given to drivers who parked in decommissioned bus stops.

And from the NY Post:

Overzealous cops are illegally doling out unwarranted tickets on streets where parking rules have changed in the past five days, a councilman with oversight of the NYPD said yesterday.

A recent NYPD memo obtained by The Post instructs officers to cite cars on those streets -- despite a new law providing a grace period for offenders.

"Common sense and fairness would dictate that these tickets not be issued," Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. wrote to Commissioner Ray Kelly.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the memo "does not direct officers to summons vehicles which are parked legally. To the contrary, it reminds officers that discretion may be exercised" when issuing a ticket.

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Anonymous said...

Go around with a saws-all and cut the fucking poles down. Enough of this shit. Problem solved.

How long does it take NYC Union Labor to removing a few dozen poles???