Saturday, February 13, 2021

Comrie accuses Graziano of spreading "falsehood" & "foolishness" at Community Board meeting

State Senator Leroy Comrie attended the Community Board 8 meeting this past Wednesday and after making an announcement that a vaccine clinic was going to open at York College, he proceeded to attack Paul Graziano for spreading "a falsehood" and "foolishness" about Planning Together and alleged that the legislation will actually give community boards more power. Watch here:
The board then proceeded to vote unanimously in opposition to the legislation.

Comrie has no vote on the matter so what exactly is going on here?


Anonymous said...

Is the legislation supported by the Real Estate industry? it may explain Comrie's accusations

Anonymous said...

Graziano is a good guy. Comrie is a nobody.

Anonymous said...

Comrie also says "This Mayor's Zoning Amendment" - shouldn't it be the Speaker's Zoning amendment??

He goes on to say that he read the whole thing, which I find utterly unlikely.

Foot, meet mouth.

Anonymous said...

Leroy Comrie is actually a really good guy, too, and an excellent State Senator. I hope that his staff reads the legislation and the arguments against it and corrects his misguided opinion. Our community can generally count on him to come through for us.