Saturday, February 27, 2021

Reynoso doth protest too much

Council Member Antonio Reynoso laced into City Planning Chair Marisa Lago for not supporting the Planning Together legislation but conveniently dismisses his past decisions with regard to land use.

Case in point: He seems to want to expand affordable housing stock, yet famously settled for 8 meager units of affordable housing for an 88-unit project in Ridgewood and then said nothing when the developer pulled a fast one on the affordability.

Furthermore, the land use process starts and ends with the City Council. The council member is lobbied before rezonings ever see the light of day, then they have the final say on whether or not a plan passes into law. So asking the chair of city planning why this horrible process hasn't changed is blue chip deflecting.

This man's chameleon-like behavior and disrespectful demeanor make him unfit to be Brooklyn borough president, which is what his grandstanding is about.


Anonymous said...

What is he crying about ?
Did he not hear her reply?
Some communities do not want more development !
I didn't buy a home in a single family zone to have a apartment building built to radically change my way of living !

Anonymous said...

"land use process starts and ends with the City Council."

ah-oh, you mean imploring the community boards is a waste of time? don't tell that to QCC.

Can't hurt their Annual Photo-op with the Pols Bruch, can we?

Queens fighting this is totally inept - no one ever seems to get anywhere after the initial headlines that 'Queens Fights Back on Development!"

Anonymous said...

He's a turd that needs to be flushed along with the rest of the shit that constitutes the council...

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase AOC “People worry about me being factually correct instead of morally right”.

Anonymous said...

He is the future of the city council.
Wocals are fucking up everything good about NYC !