Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ulrich opponent appeared in racist, misogynistic, anti-cop rap videos

Councilman Eric Ulrich's campaign today released a video denouncing Mike Scala for his racist and sexist rap lyrics. The video follows news that Mike Scala or his supporters circulated a racially charged flyer in the Democratic Primary.

Scala's songs include racist lines such as "Me and rap go together like Spanish chicks and strollers" and lyrics that promote violence against police officers such as "Every time these cops talk, I wanna break their jawbone."

Mike Scala was endorsed by the Queens Machine. This makes somewhat of a trifecta - Elizabeth Crowley, who has a 16 year history of homophobia and is okay with her campaign workers verbally abusing women was also endorsed by the Joe Crowley clan. And let's not forget that an indictment didn't get in the way of them endorsing Ruben Wills. And they love Bill de Blasio as well...


Anonymous said...

D32 voters: Do not vote the machine. You don't have to like Ulrich, hell, you can detest him. This is about a decision you have to make in a mere 2 weeks about the next 4 years of NYC, not your perfect candidate. Do... NOT... Vote... The Machine.

JQ LLC said...

Notice the Virginia Pizon vanity plate. Looks like he didn't want to pay NYC rates. Not a good homeboy there.

Frankly, it's good that he made a 180 because that's some lousy rap music. I don't like Ulrich but he should surmount this challenge. Thus continuing the sad state of politics in the stepchild borough of Queens.

Gary W said...

Democrats racist? The party of the KKK and Bull Connor? The party that wants to keep blacks ignorant and poor by limiting school choice, and perpetuating the welfare cycle? I'm shocked!!

Anonymous said...

But everyone knows that the GOP are the racists. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'd have no problem with this if it wasn't for the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Scala is defending this on Facebook yet filed a complaint with YouTube to take the video down!


Anonymous said...

Me thinks Scala is a scammer. What a dirtbag punk!

Anonymous said...

How is this thug even being taken seriously as a candidate? Mike Scala literally has an entire song that is about getting "head from his homegirls." He took the video down because he has something to hide. DUH! It's a shame Scala took the video down (coward). Guess he is afraid people will learn that he's a sexist and a racist. Direct quote from his Facebook - "the characters portrayed tended to receive their comeuppance by the end of the song or album." LOL. WHAT. A. JOKE.

BUT, I found this on YouTube today. Here's UNDENIABLE proof that Michael Scala is a misogynist. In this video, Scala can be seen and heard rapping some of these disgusting lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FVIevfMxBE&index=2&list=PLBAAABCF936D6105D

Say what you want about Ulrich. But for the love of god, do not elect this scum to office

Anonymous said...

Ulrich is a lot of things I don't like, but this guy he's running against is a slime. I looked up the dates of his music releases, they were not from when he was a stupid teenager, many were years after he was no longer a kid and should have known better. Not to mention he's stupid. Supposedly has a degree in computers and he doesn't know that crap is out there in cyberspace forever, or maybe he just doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Scala took down the video and denied that the lyrics were his. LOL. Unfortunately for this thug, his songs are readily available online. Just look at what Ulrich's campaign released today. HYSTERICAL.


Members of the press, Mike Scala recently posted comments on Facebook denying that he wrote and performed the racist and sexist rap lyrics our campaign released Monday. To be clear, Mr. Scala has refused to apologize for his offensive lyrics. Please see the below links, which prove Mr. Scala did - in fact - write and perform these despicable lyrics.

Michael Scala has attempted to distance himself from the anti-NYPD lyrics featured in "Mother Said Son," a song featured on his"Family Business" album. Please note that Scala was the Executive Producer for this album, and is a member of the rap group "The Fam." Family Business was released in June 2009, when Michael Scala was 27-years-old.

Mike "Pizon" Scala's solo track, "Change Your Mind," was released in 2011, when he was 29-years-old.

In addition, please see the hyperlinked video, which shows Mr. Scala performing some of these lyrics live.


Change Your Mind - Written by and rapped by Mike "Pizon" Scala

Available on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/pizon/change-your-mind


"Fuck a leash, I need a harness for my new freak." - Michael Scala (0:47)

"These girls basically my favorite animals." - Michael Scala (1:35)

"Fuckin' nitwits, I Twit'pic'd a pic of my big dick to six chicks and they all licked it." - Michael Scala (1:49)

"Me and rap go together like Spanish chicks and baby strollers." (2:00)

"I've gained the favor of the sniffing coke chicks." - Michael Scala (2:52)

Homegirls Remix - The Fam

Available on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/track/5McWTyrjANIeVroN3KTlAR?si=1JhrUUMl


***Michael Scala's verse begins around the 1:33 mark***

"She told me she loved me when we got back to the car. At the back of the car, told that bitch "peace" and hopped back in the car. But nobody told her stay at the back of the car. Fucked around - hit the bitch in the back with the car." - Michael Scala (1:34)

"Damn, I think I broke her back with the car. Oh shit. Now I got a dead bitch in the back with the car. So I took a body bag, put the body in the bag, the bag back in the car." - Michael Scala (1:47)

"Police telling me to back off the car...I looked at the officer and we screamed "bitch, get back in the car.'" - Michael Scala (2:06)

"Yeah, you guessed right, I gave it to her mouth." - Michael Scala (2:12)

Anonymous said...

Really "Pizan", own up to your material. And your wack beats.

What is this guy running on anyway, besides being the obligatory dem? Ulrich's hate and fear mongering mining of this guy's crappy and more hate mongering rap songs would be meaningless if Scala had a solid platform to run on, but obviously he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Nice guy this Scala. obviously he's an upstanding citizens with good character. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Ya can't hide anything these days.

Anonymous said...

Wondered why almost none of the active Dems in that area supported Scala in the primary. Think this stuff explains why.

Anonymous said...

As obscene as this video is (a youthful transgression, buttressed by extremely bad judgement), Eric Ulrich already HAS betrayed public trust with impunity, and as a constituent, I speak from experience.

Throughout eight staggering years, my curb has not been fixed (despite repeated complaints by way of writing, telephone calls and e-mails), nor have any of my other concerns as a constituent been addressed by this missing in action, unfunny clown.

And, for Ulrich to dig up this blemish on Scala's young record of adulthood (versus Ulrich's actual, failed, betrayed record of taxation WITH representation), it is showing how desperate this party-machine-failed lackey is becoming, as he now belies all credulity, like no one else!

Hey, Eric: Your 15 minutes are up, and you stink at politics (and always have)! But, what did you really want to do with your misfit life that you gave up on, in order to pursue eight years of false, fake and failed public service (for which the only benefactor is you yourself)?

Anonymous said...

Aayyy I gotta vote for a paison! Morons........