Sunday, October 1, 2017

Former Belle Harbor nursing home is hazardous to health

From CBS 2:

“The owners of the Chai Nursing Home didn’t do a thing to fix it, clean it up, board it up,” Palmiero said.

The owner of the property refused to be interviewed on camera, but told CBS2 that he bought the property 2 years ago and that it is safely secured.

A CBS2 news team found a door wide open for someone to walk right in.

The Palmieros shared pictures they took of people climbing on the roof and fences to get inside, and racoons and opossums who have made the building their home.

According to the Department of Buildings website, the property has dozens fo active violations including one for failing to secure the building walls, making it a hazard to the public.

The DOB said twelve of the violations are safety violations. Mrs. Palmiero who suffers from blood cancer said she feels her health is at risk.


Anonymous said...

Another once beautiful old building to be destroyed...we all know that the neglect is intentional! Too bad the city can't take it over, restore it and auction it off.

JQ LLC said...

You know what's really sick about this, is that this blight is located on the boardwalk that got renovated which has seen a lot of artisan bar/restaurants open. Amazing that it didn't turn into a chic motel. It looks like the owners, whoever they are, are either waiting for a big sell or they are letting the home rot to bring down property values in the area, despite their claims.

That wrecked house is a magnet for homeless and surely all the junkies in the area (and there are a lot). The beach, despite the influx of tourists and the hipshits presence because of the ferry and an slight increase of artisanal eateries and the shiny new boardwalk, is still a mess and has not fully recovered.

Joe Moretti said...

DOB creates a hazard by NOT doing their fucking job and always dragging their feet on shit. AND anyone who does not appear on camera for an interview or no comment ALWAYS has something to hide.

Traveling all over this country, I have never come across all the bullshit that you see right here in the most expensive so-called "liberal" city in the country. Not even close.

What a mess of a city.

(sarc) said...

First anon,

"... Too bad the city can't take it over, restore it and auction it off."
Another Marxist, wanting the our all knowing and benevolent government to control all private property. I hope the government confiscates your dwelling and moves you into their lovely shelter program!

It is the choice of the owner how to manage one's investments.

Let them pay the fines if they so choose.

I wait for the outrage when it is renovated, rejuvenated, sold or repurposed and does not meet with the quite narrow standards of the Queens Crapper urban planning review board!

I am sure it will be a lovely homeless shelter in years to come.

Just wait for it...

Anonymous said...

You should have seen and smelled it when it was operating. Same sad dump except that vulnerable adults were being warehoused inside for their Social Security checks and bulk food stamps. They were retarded or severely mentally ill. There was an outside soda vending machine on an upstairs porch which I always thought was rather strange. Even the $20 a month they get from their SS checks were to be spent on the owners. A true blight.

The slight increase of artisanal eateries is just that. Many new stores and restaurants that opened quickly also closed in an eye blink. I could have told you that the upscale children's toy store by Beach 91st Street was not a good idea in area where 75% of the population is on food stamps and unemployed.

What is increasing in Rockaway/Belle Harbor are more people being relocated from shelters with housing vouchers and serious drug addictions. They sell their prescription drugs to get money to buy crack. Take a walk down Rockaway Beach Boulevard and the side streets between the shore front. There's 24 hour illegal drug sales and crack houses.

georgetheatheist said...

The Palmieros bought their neighboring property and thought then they had
"died and gone to Heaven" it was so-o-o beautiful. Just goes to show you, you can only "go to Heaven" when you actually die. In the meanwhile, you might live on Hell on Earth.

"L'enfers, c'est les autres." - Jean-Paul Sartre ("Hell is other people.")

JQ LLC said...

"L'enfers, c'est les autres"

Especially if they are de Faustio and the meatheads in the DOB and the bums at Build it Back.

Another thing, you think with the incoming upscale development coming a few blocks away on 116, this moldy house would have been demolished, which is what it should be. This is the new form of redlining, where before they relied on gangbangers running the streets and arson, now these sociopaths in the gentrification industrial complex rely on gradual environmental hazards like zombie houses, although I think they should be called corpse houses and the zombie drug addicted dregs of society to force people out.

Anonymous said...

What ever became of the investigation to the other Nursing Home right before Riis Park?Remember Mayor Guliani vacacted the place in the middle of the night during the Winter because it was going to collapse and people died from being moved. At the time there was talk he did it for his buddies who were developers and there was going to be an investigation.
I always wanted to wind up in that Nursing Home and have a beach front view.

Anonymous said...

>violations including one for failing to secure the building walls, making it a hazard to the public.

How does that work? Are they afraid the house will escape and run wild through the streets?

Anonymous said...

Anon above. - it will fall on some one or the crackheads who are living inside will die when it finally collapses. The owner doesn't want the cost of permits for demolition, the labor costs of demolition and carting away the debris. He's doing this on purpose.