Monday, October 16, 2017

Liz Crowley claims her opponent is anti-LGBTQ, but her record is much worse

In our previous post, we cited the Queens Chronicle article about Elizabeth Crowley's candidacy which quoted her as saying her opponent, Robert Holden, has "a record of taking strong anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ stances" because of items published in the Juniper Berry, the newsletter of the Juniper Park Civic Association, of which Holden is president. Let's examine the anti-LGBTQ accusation this time.

We discovered an Op-Ed about gay marriage written by someone else on Juniper's website and also one by the Bishop of Brooklyn, but they are both clearly marked as opinion pieces. Newspapers print various op-eds all the time (like this one from Crowley), it doesn't mean they endorse the positions presented. There also was a letter to the editor printed in support of gay marriage which criticizes one of the original pieces. Basing her "anti-LGBTQ" accusation on this is a bit weak. We found nothing authored by Holden that broached this topic. A Google search came up empty as well.

Now, let's see what Crowley's record reveals.

Crowley denied that she supported gay marriage when asked about it, tried to dodge a question about it and defended taking money from a renowned white supremacist as per her own 2001 interview with the Juniper Berry - the same magazine she cites as proof that her opponent is unqualified for public office.
Q: In the Queens Tribune you said you support gay unions (marriages), can you tell me why?

A: Sigh...That was Frank [Borzellieri]. I never said that, I said equal rights for all people.

Q: Does that mean you do or do not support it?

A: {No comment} I'd rather not discuss this.

Q: Speaking of Frank Borzellieri, knowing his history, do you think you should have accepted his endorsement money?

A: We have only two things in common...same district and same beliefs. 
Q: So you have the same right-wing controversial beliefs as he does?

A: No, but he wants a hard working city council member. We don't agree on all issues.

Q: But that's not what you just said.
(Mr. Borzellieri, as member of the local school board, pushed for the removal of then-teacher Danny Dromm for being openly gay. Crowley's mother, Mary, was president of the District 24 board at the time.)

- In addition, Crowley is the only candidate in this race with a history of OPPOSING gay marriage.

- She lied to get the endorsement of an LGBTQ political club (then hid the fact that they endorsed her by refusing to put their logo on her mailers).

- She completely avoided answering questions from another LGBTQ club.

- Crowley had the most to gain from a mailer put out to disparage a past Democratic opponent for being openly gay which she never denied. She even went so far as to attack then-candidate Tom Ognibene for joining the victim, Charles Ober, in denouncing it and in the same statement called on Ober to drop his bid for office and unite behind her, which is pretty damn arrogant.

- Ober struck back in a press release.

- A strikingly similar flyer was dropped on people's doorsteps the night before the 2001 election that attacked Crowley's only opponent for supporting gay-friendly candidates, among other things, with the last 3 lines thrown in as a lame attempt at a smokescreen:

Voters in the district were not moved by either cowardly smear attempt and she lost both races.

Liz Crowley: Proud supporter of LGBTQ rights!

Since Crowley has spent most of her campaign complaining that her opponent "lacks Democratic values", we're happy to show you what Miss Crowley, a supposed "real Democrat", believes and practices. Bringing up your opponent's alleged anti-LGBTQ history when your own is this shitty is probably not a wise campaign move, Diz.

Why gay groups and self-described "progressives" have lined up to endorse someone who has a documented 16 year history of homophobia is a good question. Why other liberal candidates would seek a female Trump's endorsement is another. It all just proves what a joke Queens politics is.



Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, Crowley has the support of Van Bramer and Dromm because she is an incumbent as they are. Sad!

Anonymous said...

More because her cousin Joe told them to back her, which is even sadder.

Anonymous said...

The worst of the bunch is Corey Johnson who wants to be speaker so badly that he carried petitions for the homophobe Crowley when he should have been more concerned about his own.

JQ LLC said...

Re Crain's op-ed (impressed that she is capable of writing) for the Montauk line: People are forced to use cars?? Oh, to be an owner of a vehicle, what a burden, to get to destinations faster, drive kids to school instead of them riding a crappy bus and handle weekend shopping. I wish I was forced to use one. Crowley is veritable proof of the city's nonsense bias against auto commuting.

Dromm and Van Bramer are reprehensible sell out whores. the Amos and Andy of gay politicians. They should never rail against and accuse people of being deplorable for their political beliefs.

Elizabeth is one of the most repulsive people in public office that I have ever read about. She is just personifies the evils of opportunism and nepotism. This woman clearly has never had a real job in her life or seemingly never had to think for herself. Usually when someone achieves so much so young should be more intelligent than this. Eric Ulrich is an example, being a smart guy who started politics young, even though he's kind of hacky himself.

This is a very very dangerous stupid and dangerously stupid person and must be defeated. Good luck and get out the vote citizens of the 30th. The fighting 30th!

Anonymous said...

Dizzy Lizzy goes which ever way the wind blows...speaking of which....uh....well? Never mind'

Anonymous said...

I heard of the term LBG (lesbian & Gay) but what the F_ is LGBTQ ?

Anonymous said...

She didn't write that Op-Ed. She has a firm writing her press releases and such. Red Horse Strategies.

(sarc) said...

Sigmund Freud had a name for such attributes.

In the world of psychology this is referred to as "projection".

This is projecting your own faults, angers, and biases upon your enemies.

This is also the first of many techniques used by Marxists, rather than defending your position, accuse your opponent, thereby turning the tables.

Perhaps someone could use some deep introspection...

JQ LLC said...

That's right, there is co-writer credit for the article, and red horse is a predatory developer lobby firm and donor for the democrat machine-a cog in the gentrification industrial complex

the BTQ is bi, transgender or transexual and queer, the last one being redundant, unless it's updated for queen as in drag.

Anonymous said...

"I heard of the term LBG (lesbian & Gay) but what the F_ is LGBTQ ?"

Protip: It's less embarrassing and takes less time to you know, just google that question.

georgetheatheist said...

Crowley - a vile, loathsome creature. Wasn't she one of the slithering figures as depicted at the foot of Triumph of Civic Virtue?

JQ LLC said...

And the winner is GTA.

Anonymous said...

And she's going to get another four years....sigh

Gary W said...

It's mind boggling that someone like her could have a viable political career. Only in Queens. I really can't fathom someone with her background getting on the ballot anywhere else in the country. Let alone getting reelected.

Offer void in Massachusetts if your name is Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

In this race ,in this community, I don’t think this will work either for against either candidate. You either vote for a machine politician who does as she’s told or someone who ha proven his worth an intelligence and commitment to his community and did on his own time.

Anonymous said...

It’s now LBGTQRST.

Anonymous said...

Ridgewood in particular is all about identity politics. My dopey neighbors in came out in droves during the primary to vote for this corrupt POS talking about how she got their vote because she was a "progressive" and it was all about her being a woman, a "real Dem", pro-gay, anti-Trump, etc. Meanwhile she has been completely absent from the area unless a photo op was underway. The only thing progressive about her is that she's progressively stupid and apparently so are her loyal zombie voters. Holden went door to door, took the time to listen to people and worked on resolving their problems. She did absolutely NOTHING.

The problem isn't the candidates or the machine. It's the voters.

Anonymous said...

And she went after a Ridgewood civic leader in 2008 for being gay, that's what makes it so sad. Most of the transplants weren't here yet and don't care about her history, that's why they blindly vote the party line even though she hurt someone for being gay. They scream about Trump for doing things like this but Crowley gets a pass?

Anonymous said...

We have about three weeks until Election Day. Holden is at a disadvantage because he is on a third party line and probably dies not have much cash on hand. If he wants to give Liz a fight, my suggestion is to put this post in its entirety and print it out and drop on every doorstep. He is probably participating in the Campaing Finance Bosrd, so of course he will have to report it. It's important that the so-called Progessives in the district know what their so called champion really stands for, or more accurately, doesn't really know. It would be a shame not to take this opportunity to expose the emperor has no clothes. Even a close result will demonsrate that the people of the district and of Queens are fed up with corruption and mediocrity

Anonymous said...

With matching he comes pretty close to her in cash on hand.

ron s said...

Crowley is stupid, arrogant and a liar. Yet she repeatedly gets re-elected. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Crowley so so sneaky and manipulative ..I'm sure that is not the anonymous letter she wrote. She's got to go. I hope HOLDEN wins.