Friday, October 20, 2017

Queens architectural photography exhibit

From Curbed:

In 2012, architect Rafael Herrin-Ferri began photographing low-rise houses in Queens not just to understand the differences in the borough’s low-rise housing stock, but to examine how Queens’s attached, semi-detached, and detached houses, along with its small apartment buildings, reflected the rich diversity of the borough’s population.

To date, he has documented one third of the borough in over 5,000 photographs, and now his work is the subject of a new exhibition by the Architectural League of New York titled, All the Queens Houses.

The exhibit, which opens October 20 and can be seen by the public at the League’s office gallery on Fridays, is comprised of 273 of Herrin-Ferri photographs. Herrin-Ferri focused on the buildings’ facades, side elevations, and any other distinct features in his photographs.

At the exhibit, the photographs are lined up in alphabetical order by neighborhood, starting with Astoria. In addition, Herrin-Ferri has decided to give his photographs humorous names, which the Architectural League describes as “part academic, part broker listing, part New York magazine caption.”


georgetheatheist said...

"To most, these houses will appear to be distasteful, kitschy, ill-proportioned, misshapen, or just plain ugly. There is not one example of classic, well-balanced, architectural beauty in all of the houses shown here."

Pretty much sums it up.

"Everyday incrementalist spirit of the borough."

Let's see how (and if) Katz will run with this like she did with Lonely Planet.

So why did the young Trump leave Queens for Manhattan?

(sarc) said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan.

Take photographs and demolish some of these horrid shanties and eyesores...

Anonymous said...

Cuisine? Shake Shack.

Abode? Shit Shack.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how putting some actual color on a house makes it look better. Why is everything gray and aluminum sided these days?

Anonymous said...

Queens? Architecture? The good stuff has already been demolished. An abundance of crap remains that has been built upon its bones.
This is the Wild West borough where land is "underutilized" and greedy exploiters drool over your properties.
Don Chooch, Paul Vallone lobbies for these speculative destroyer - developers.