Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mayor suddenly notices dumping in SE Queens

From the Queens Tribune:

At a town hall on Monday in Jamaica, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he will address one of the biggest issues facing Southeast Queens for decades—illegal dumping.

For years, the streets of Southeast Queens have been littered with garbage and waste left behind by drivers. The dumping has long perturbed residents, who often find trash on their private property, reducing the quality of life in the area. While the city has relied on tickets to curb the issue, it has done little to crack down on those committing the crime repeatedly, residents have said.

“We will double the number of sanitation officers here in Southeast Queens,” the mayor said to loud applause. “We need to do a better job and put more personnel on it.”

The mayor said that the longstanding issue was brought to his attention by Community Board 12 and its former chairwoman and City Council hopeful, Adrienne Adams.

So as chair of the community board she noticed it and nothing got done, but now that she's the party pick, the mayor is listening? Doesn't say much about the mayor's respect for community boards, does it?


JQ LLC said...

So the mayor is also campaigning on a "we got more work to do" platform which confirms his incompetence, indifference to the citizens of the 5 boroughs and ineffectiveness in his 4 years as mayor and that he didn't vote for Trump.

Nicole Malliotakis for mayor. (Don't let me, and more importantly, the city down ma'am)

“She pushed this and brought it to our attention, leading the way,” de Blasio said.

Oh, Ms. Adams noticed this. I wonder how. Did she go in one of the choppers that de Faustio was commuting in and landing in parks and baseball fields for 3 months and get a birds eye view?

You could notice this scourge and never leave your house

I yield the floor to Joe Moretti.

Anonymous said...

he is only doing this to help her get elected

Joe Moretti said...

“We need to do a better job and put more personnel on it.” DUMBLASIO

NO, you need to do YOUR FUCKING JOBS, especially in ghetto communities like Jamaica where dumping dirty diapers on sidewalks is considered normal.

FUCK YOU MAYOR, you mean you did not see this shit when you came out to Jamaica a few months ago for some idiotic photo op bullshit.

BULLSHIT is right.

Funny, that as Public Advocate I sent him photos of all the garbage and he actually sent someone from his office to come out and have me show him around. SO NOW, he was not aware as Mayor.


Anonymous said...

If anything gets done on this matter, then you know it must be election time. He is so out of touch with the problems in Queens. Once he's re-elected, he'll crawl back under his rock and disappear. Please people, WAKE UP. Vote this loser out of office. Doesn't matter who you vote for -- just as long as it's not DeBlasio.

Joe Moretti said...

AND why did this audience applaud this bozo, they should have reamed his ass for doing nothing the last several years on this.

You get the community and government you deserve.

AND garbage is just the tip of the iceberg of all the bullshit in this community and area.

Pamela Hazel said...

My comrade Joe) and I have been reporting on the garbage epidemic for years. Katz, Miller, Comrie and the rest of the political gangsters remained silent. However, during the town hall meeting on Monday, I had a chance to tell de Blasio about the decade's old eyesores. They are damn lucky that I only had a few seconds to talk; because I was about to expose the gangsters.

Today I will be meeting with the big wigs to focus on some of the spots.

Oh, next month is election we all know that is the reason made time to visit the ghetto. Remember to elect the first woman. We are with Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean more tickets to the homeowners when someone else dumps no disposables in front of your home?

Anonymous said...

The city should pay people $1,000 to snitch on the people dumping the trash. A picture can be taken as proof as the dumper is doing the crime. Bet that would stop a lot of the dumping.

Anonymous said...

Joe is right when it comes to trash and Southeast Queens even the upper to middle class neighborhoods have trash problems. Especially the area close to the main boulevards. Most people who drive their cars park and dump all kinds of food and bags full of trash in front of peoples homes. Just plain nasty.

Tony Notaro said...

3rd world population, 3rd world environment. Plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Not only do Comrade Bill de BLASS-hole, and Queens Borough Monarch, I mean President, Melinda 'Alley Katz' ignore constituents like me with impunity (for years), but southeastern Queens, my erstwhile proud, stable and clean neighborhood, is both a Third World country (by now more like a Fourth World), dumping ground, cultural wasteland and foreign gambling mill Rat-cino (where one can find all the dumbest rats in the sewer, gambling away their 'Penniless Paychecks), but the entire borough is now comprised of a colony of Third World peasants and immigrants (legal and/or illegal), that makes even Third World countries look pristine!

Case in point: Monarch Melinda refused to return the ONLY public art work of softness, beauty and purpose on Queens Boulevard ('Triumph Of Civic Virtue), after her predecessor, Helen Marshall, evicted the statue altogether, and without any and all public approval and referendum, as she spent more than $200,000 under the cover of darkness to eliminate a monument whose message of civic virtue has never apparently reigned over the systemic graft, corruption and endless greed at Queens Borough Hall (to any persuasive effect, sans former, disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, whom on Friday, February 25, 2011, suggested that the statue be sold on Craig's List——and, then 10 weeks later, Weiner resigned in disgrace!).

Then, Katz herself green lights the publicly unauthorized spending of nearly ten times the cost of returning the wrongfully evicted statue, or $920,000 of We, the People's money, to re-purpose Kew Gardens Plaza AFTER Katz's predecessor, Helen Marshall, already, unlawfully and WILLFULLY neglected the statue (for 10 years——a dereliction of public duty!), then carted it away like an old mattress, on a flatbed truck to Green-Wood Cemetery, where it currently remains on temporary loan, since December 15, 2012).

My, how history repeats itself over such a short span of time, now that the fierce and courageous de BLASS-hole has commissioned YET ANOTHER panel to remove the big, bad and lethally harmful statuary of New York City (the last vacuous panel bumped all city council member-crud payrolls to a whopping 38%, or $165,000 a year, that ALL of their ever languishing constituents' have unwillingly paid for, but don't get anywhere NEAR that figure themselves, much less any taxation WITH representation, ironically working REAL jobs in private industry, versus THEIR 'KLEPTOCRATIC' lunch-and-a-manicure, as a stressful day of ignoring their subjects at will, whilst on the cradle-to-grave, city payroll of PRIVATE SPLENDOR——versus PUBLIC SQUALOR for everyone else).

And, if these voracious, predatory and rapacious thieves behind this whole crooked-and-corrupt operation (of openly practiced government tyranny-without-consequence), is bent on FOISTING this depravity and sociopathy on to the fed up, disgusted and oppressed residents of Queens County, and they think that their heinous, lawless and anarchistic misconduct hasn't gone noticed by ever angrier taxpayers' like me——then, they are in for a hostile awakening of their OWN, come November 7th!

Please, Queens County and New York City residents, I IMPLORE YOU: DO NOT REELECT A DISHONEST, SHABBY-and-GRUBBY SKANK LIKE MENDACIOUS MELINDA (and her rapidly sinking dinghy), and I FURTHER IMPOSE UPON and IMPLORE YOU TO:


NYUSAPR#1 said...

Here in Ozone Park these idiots are leaving trash, mattresses and what ever they want to throw out in the middle of the sidewalk. Get these people out Pres. Trump, please..

Anonymous said...

With the decriminalization of public urination, public defecating and open alcohol containers in public, they are free to commit other, bigger crimes. As some one said to me, it's all for them. All of us knowing who them are since they are the ones doing the crimes. It's all for them to lower any standard of behavior. Even animals know not to dirty up where they live... except these people don't. Is it because of slavery?

There are people on my block who will pull out their industrial sized barbecue to cook right next to piles of garbage. I must be culturally insensitive since I am outraged that certain people are being allowed to dump on NYC.