Saturday, October 21, 2017

De Blasio keeps hiding the homeless

From NBC:

The homeless New Yorkers that were cleared out of an NYC park earlier this week for a Mayor de Blasio appearance have returned. Melissa Russo reports.


JQ LLC said...

De Faustio is a cruel motherfucker. His blatantly displays his abject denials of the crisis he exacerbated and his refusal to confront it and uses the city's civic and park services to do his personal bidding and keep it from his sight. He has no sense of decency. And while he is electioneering to boot.

Moretti (farewell) nailed it a week ago, de Faustio is democrat Trump. The only things he knows how to do is lie, double talk, gaslight his constituents and raise and whore for donor money. This is why Nicole has absolutely no support, the developers have a true faithful obescient jester in place do their bidding. Really where did that other Republican mayoral candidate Markey go? He raised more money and got significant attention then he dropped out.

This is going to be 4 years of obfuscation and decline of services and society as a whole in this city if this two-faced big slow bastard wins.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember that this was Needle Park?

Upper West Side SRO's - single room occupancy hotels - have been turned into luxury condos. There were so many in the early 1980's! These homeless could have lived in them.

The blame goes to NYC DSS - Dept of Social Services - aka Welfare and the DHS Dept of Homeless Services. Steven Banks, Commissioner. What are these agencies doing for these homeless except to give them the run around and no benefits or housing? They are staffed by incompetent, unprofessional, rude, uneducated, cruel lackeys who are only in the job to get their inflated paychecks. (re: Affirmative Action hires ) Why don't the DHS and Welfare do their jobs to help people? Because they do not care and their union DC - 37 mandates that they do not care.

Some of the homeless are clearly not from New York City or New York State. Send them back to their place of origin.

Craphurst Resident said...

This reminds me of when one of the local politicians (JVB I think) was about to give a campaign speech in that little park under the Woodside 61st Street train station this past summer. His people actually had to remove a dude who was trying to take a dump in the background (I don't think it was a political statement; this, and all Queens parks, just happens to be an outdoor toilet). But I guess it would not have made a good photo op when the politician du jour is talking about how great Queens/NYC is.

Anonymous said...

They are all over sidewalks, parks, and subway stations in Forest Hills. But to finish off one of NYC's nicer neighborhoods, DeBozo will insist on opening a shelter and prison outpost here too. But not one elected in Forest Hills will dare give any pushback.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg offered the homeless a one way bus or train ticket back to their home state. Why doesn't Diblassio do the same?

Anonymous said...

Only 8 more years folks, so relax. It can't possibly get any shittier, right?