Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Petition: Crowley, resign as Chairman of the Queens Democrat Party

Friend --

To stand up for Queens, we need to ask for integrity within the Queens County Democratic Party. That can’t happen when Joseph Crowley, as chair of the Queens Democratic Party, is in charge of his own endorsement and appoints friends and family to key positions throughout the borough. Plus, the chair of the Queens Democratic Party should actually reside in Queens—not live full-time in Virginia, as Crowley does. Asking Crowley to step down as Chairman of the Queens Democratic Party isn’t personal—it’s fair.

The move will help rebuild trust in a machine long seen as corrupt. Crowley must open up the Chairmanship to impartial leaders who will guarantee a free and fair election—and who actually live in the borough. We will not allow Crowley to distort the vote in Queens. Ocasio2018 will be there to challenge him in the New York primary, and put a stop to the establishment’s iron grip on Queens politics.

Can you help us re-establish trust and fairness in the Queens County Democratic Party?
Sign the petition to ask Crowley to step down as Chair.
When I first called for Crowley’s resignation, it created quite a stir in the New York political machine. Within hours, the announcement was shared over 50 times in NY political groups and reached over 14,000 people. The people of New York are riled up and ready to fight for a fair, open, and representative system.

As Chairman of the Queens Democratic Party, Joe Crowley pulls the strings of political power in the city and hand-picks party endorsements and appointments. This has led to serious questions over profiting off of constituent foreclosures and cherry-picking candidates to reinforce his power in the district. But here’s the kicker… the man who decides the fate of politics in Queens doesn’t even live here! Crowley plays Democratic party boss all while living in Arlington, Virginia to be closer to lobbyists, high-ticket fundraisers, and beltway politics. Crowley’s choice to live outside our district should disqualify him from local party leadership. Joseph Crowley serving as party boss isn’t just a matter of location—it’s a question of ethics.

It is unethical for candidates to have power over their own endorsements and the endorsements of their friends. Someone with such obvious bias should not be given the chance to tilt the Democratic primary in his favor.

Join Ocasio2018 to demand a fair primary.

Ask Out-of-Town Crowley to give up his Chairmanship.

As a powerful political boss who doesn't even live in the community, Crowley reinforces the influence of big donors and undercuts the concerns of local residents. Instead of fighting for working class needs, dignified healthcare, free education, and a $15 minimum wage, Crowley spends his time fighting for real estate deregulation to help his big-money donors. The time has come for real, unbiased leadership that lives in the district and cares about the issues of the community.

Sign the petition, demand that Crowley Step Down as Party Boss.

In solidarity,
Alexandria Ocasio


Anonymous said...

This is a very lazy effort to make a change. It starts one district at a time. Become petition hawks and put up challenges to the district leader levels. Trust me, once you can get people on the ballot (petition) and challenge leaderships (district leaders vote for the leaders)you can make a dent. Then a dent turns into crack. Soon the dam will give out. It's happening in other districts in NY state.

Gary W said...

Open the primaries

Anonymous said...

A Bernie Sanders sycophant.

Wonderful. From corrupt Joe to commie Ocasio.

JQ LLC said...

The inevitable federal probe into his patronage and nepotism mill in courthouses of this wretched borough will force his resignation.

Ya gotta believe...

Anonymous said...

Phhh. This is not lazy. This is overdue. Cracks in the establishment don't form on their own. You have to hammer at it from every angle.

I fully support this growing effort to hit the Crowley's and their insufferable control of Queens politics.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a campaign stunt and it's self-serving since she's running against Crowley.

Anonymous said...

This is a complete waste of time as it will never happen

Anonymous said...

"This is a very lazy effort to make a change" I agree with the original poster, these online petitions are a complete waste of time. If you want to create change, get your butt off the couch and go door to door, or go support a candidate who will opposed Virginia Joe... It you want change you're going to have to do some work

Anonymous said...

I would much rather like to see Republicans win some council/congressional/assembly seats. Republicans, if true to their principles, will make the most substantial positive change.

At the very least, I would like to see genuine competition for seats in government. Too often I've seen seats go uncontested to the incumbent who has been in that seat for decades, and has produced little for his / her constituents.

Anonymous said...

There will soon be another shady piece of crap filling in for the old bird. Anyone remrmner Matty Troy? Then there was Tom Manyon! Queems will always grow crooks on our "garden borough" of snakes!