Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Brooklyn roof collapse injures 6

From the Daily News:

Six construction workers were hurt, two seriously, when a load of cinderblocks sparked a partial collapse at a Brooklyn building Tuesday morning, officials said.

The half dozen hardhats suffered head, arm and chest injuries when the roof of the Crown Heights building gave out from under them about 9:45 a.m.

One construction worker suffered a compound fracture to his left leg and needed to be carried out of the building, a source said.

“A concentrated load of cinderblocks was placed on the roof level in a concentrated area and it was too much weight,” said FDNY Brooklyn Borough Commander Assistant Chief Dwayne Cartwright. “It collapsed into the basement.”


Rob In Manhattan said...

Construction and demolition work is inherently dangerous but knowledge and experience will tell you that the thin beams that had in-place are not sufficient for that level lbs/sq-ft of weight.

This is what happens when they hire people with limited/no experience and, who are not in a position to say "no, that is not safe" as a union worker would do.

Those old dumps cost millions these days and at least another million will be spent rehabbing it. There is NO excuse for not having at least ONE person on-site with real knowledge to prevent this sort of accident.

Hopefully, the injured will sue the shit out of all involved and this will resonate through that low end of the industry...for a while.

Anonymous said...

Cue the non-union and illegal alien chorus!

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully, the injured will sue the shit out of all involved...."
Illegals can sue in US courts?

JQ LLC said...

This is the second kind of accident in recent months. These LLC's don't give a shit and can't leave homes like this the way they are. What's the plan here, to make more units? Isn't this what these scumlords used to do, and still do, when they put up drywall to create more apts?

This accident proves that DOB is still shiftless, ineffective, incompetent and is still getting bought. Don't be surprised anyone if this happens again. In a month, a week, or maybe tomorrow in the next "hip" neighborhood. Probably in East New York.

Anonymous said...

Scab Labor

Gary W said...

Federal oversight of the DOB. Body cams for all inspectors.

Anonymous said...

Most of these type accidents are happening because they are adding more floors to buildings that can't sustain the weight. Blame the Dumbass Mayor for this. And if you see in the picture it will not match the rest of the homes next to it.

Anonymous said...

The roof was designed to hold a load of snow not bricks. A lack of common sense can kill people.