Monday, October 9, 2017

Council cracks down on hookah bars

From Brooklyn Daily:

A bill cracking down of the water-pipe watering holes passed the Council on Sept. 27, restricting the flavored “shisha” mixtures smoked in hookahs just like tobacco, tightly regulating existing hookah bars, banning the opening of new owns, and outlawing the practice for anyone under 21.

“Today we once and for all clear the air on the dangers of hookah smoking,” said Councilman Vincent Gentile’s (D–Bay Ridge), who sponsored the bill. “Any way you cut it, hookah smoke is no joke. It is not a safe smoking alternative, and restricting minors makes the decision to smoke up to those of adult age.”

Starting six months after the mayor signs the bill into law, even non-tobacco shisha will be subject to the city’s Smoke-Free Air Act — which bans most indoor tobacco smoking — making it illegal to smoke hookah indoors except in the bars that meet strict requirements for ventilation and other measures.

Existing hookah bars will have three years to bring their businesses up to sanitation, ventilation, and fire code requirements, and are forbidden to relocate or expand.

Hookah bars selling shisha mixtures that contain tobacco will have to obtain permits to continue operating, and all will have to prove that at least half of their profits come from shisha sales.


Anonymous said...

They should also crack down on bars that illegally double strip clubs and drug dens. Walk through Roosevelt avenue in Queens from Jackson Heights to Corona and you will see exactly what I mean. Thanks alot Peralta & Moya !! You guys suck ass !!

Anonymous said...

Where is Paul Vallpne cracking down on all those hooker bars on 164th Stteet near the Broadway LziTR station.
His usual excuse is, "that's a hard one".
Maybe hard for the developers lobbyist but never hatd for the late Julia Harrison.
When you've got a do as little as possible chittrool as a councilman , no problems can be fixed. Don Valloney-baloney must go. Vote Graziano!

Gary W said...

Don't smokers die younger? I say let them smoke!! Why does the government have to baby sit everyone.

Anonymous said...

Smoke and Mirrors!

Anonymous said...

Well SOME ethnic group did not pay fines er make political donations.

Now this will get them on board and off their high horse.

Anonymous said...


When did we become the most Conservative city in America?

Anonymous said...

Hookah Pipe ? Is that the legal name for a Bong ? LOL ! Smoke up dopes

Anonymous said...

No....a bong is something else. It is a a water pipe...a lot cooler smoke. Take it from Cherch & Chong.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the new store front whore house on 164th Street between Depot Road and Crocheron Ave. I think I'll ring their door bell and get a "massage" while waiting for my laundry to dry a few doors down at the laundromat. Do you think they'll let me in?
It's called "O 7" and where is law enforcement?
Probably being paid on kind.
WTF can you expect of the 109th PCT?