Sunday, October 8, 2017

NYC prefers millionaire's tax to congestion pricing

From AM-NY:

A majority of New Yorkers prefer a millionaire's tax over congestion pricing when it comes to funding fixes to the city’s crumbling transit infrastructure, a new poll found.

Sixty-four percent of registered voters who were surveyed said they support a proposal to increase taxes on the city’s wealthiest earners, while only 21 percent favored tolling motorists entering Manhattan, according to the Quinnipiac University Poll released on Friday.

Support for the millionaire's tax was strong in each borough and spanned across every listed party, gender, age and racial group, the poll found. Support was highest in Queens, with 71 percent of those polled favoring the millionaire's tax over congestion pricing.

From the poll:

A total of 28 percent of voters rate the quality of New York City subway service as "excellent" or "good," while 64 percent rate it "not so good" or "poor."

The best rating is among Manhattan voters - 5 percent "excellent" and 30 percent "good." The lowest score is among Queens voters - less than 1 percent "excellent" and 20 percent "good."


JQ LLC said...

This is pretty good news but remember that this was Sen. Gianaris's idea and not de Faustio's. Big Slow is too stupid and selfish to come up with his own ideas and ideas that would help his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Keep raising the NY State tax on millionaires, and they'll eventually change their legal residence to Florida or another no or low state income tax.

Anonymous said...

Congesting taxing is a tax on working class people and small businesses, some of whome (think elevator maintainers, electricians, etc) have no choice but to drive into or through manhattan (to get to jobs in NJ or LI). Meanwhile, a millionaires tax would tax... people who could actually afford it - a very small population.

Given the choice between the two, it's a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

I am not a millionaire and I don't drive into the city.

Tax them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Class warfare! Staple of the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

I don't prefer either one.
One punishes success, the other punishes working class folks.
DeBozo should take his class warfare to some communist country like North Korea.
Even they would cringe at his sight.

Anonymous said...

Congestion pricing effects al the people , that is the way it should be. Just cause you are a millionaire and worked hard for the money and to tax just them is very biased.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

Of course Mahattanites would rate subway service either excellent or good; they probably only have to go a few stops between home and work..

Those of us in Queens and the other outer boroughs who have to freeze our asses off waiting for slow buses to take us to even slower subways, and whose commute may be 1-2 HOURS each way know that in reality, the services are SHIT..

(sarc) said...

A fine is a punishment for doing something wrong.

A TAX is a punishment for doing something right!

Keep eating the rich, and they will leave or be consumed.

Either way, we will become Detroit or Venezuela.

Karl Heinrich Marx second plank of his Communist Manifesto was:
A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

The day of reckoning for this endless progressive tax structure is rapidly approaching...

Anonymous said...

Staten Island really should secede...

Anonymous said...

Congestion pricing effects al the people , that is the way it should be. Just cause you are a millionaire and worked hard for the money and to tax just them is very biased.

Come again?

Anonymous said...

"millionaires who work hard for their money" - BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Keep swallowing that fox news cum.

Anonymous said...

It is a FACT that people who make in the millions pay the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of taxes in this city, this state, and this country.

Adding more and more to their tax burden when an overwhelming majority pay NOTHING is just wrong.

I don't need to watch Fox News to see that.

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that the average New Yorker would prefer a tax on the rich to having to pay even more money to get by in an increasingly unaffordable city.

Unfortunately, the Mayor cares about the rich, not about the average New Yorker.