Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Crowley, Van Bramer pretend to be shocked by the mayor they endorsed

From DNA Info:

...elected officials who represent the area said they were "blindsided" by the move, with several blasting the city for its lack of transparency.

"This community finds itself once again blindsided with the last-minute announcement of yet another hotel conversion," Congressman Joe Crowley wrote in a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio last week that accused the administration of opening the site with "no prior notice, and zero community input."

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, whose district also includes the hotel site, said he was told about its use only "a few hours before they started moving families into that shelter."

"That is a broken system," Van Bramer said at a contentious Queens Community Board 2 meeting Thursday, where representatives from DHS were in attendance. "It is wrong, it is absolutely absurd, to start moving families in before anyone in the community knows."

Hey guys, this was going on long before you endorsed the mayor for re-election and carried petitions for him to get on the ballot and sang with him last month. So please knock it off with the phony outrage.


Anonymous said...

I will admit I am a part of the Queens Machine and I am very disappointed in my club. He has done nothing in terms of jobs for our club but also zero jobs in the district. He is attacking the middle class Queens neighborhoods with homeless shelters and overdevelopment without supplementing any new school space for the people they are packing in. The Mayor hates Queens and I am broken inside that we endorsed him. What can he take away from us? He gave us nothing so why endorse this jerk? I refused to petition with his name on it but I surely am not voting for him. I just wish the Republicans fielded a real candidate against the Mayor.


(sarc) said...


Look over there.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy is full of it! Remember when he was championing hotel shelters and guilting the rest of us about it?

JQ LLC said...

About that link of "Country Joe" Crowley, QC

Where is that "beer garden" because it looks like it used to be a junkyard and from the looks of it, all you have to do is place a few potted plants and hang a potted fern on a fence and call it a "beer garden"

Apparently, when Joe manifests himself in the borough he's supposed to represent, it's to fulfill his folk rock star fantasy. It would make a person fed up with these elected hacks to pull a Bluto from Animal House and yanked that guitar from him and smash it to bits on the ground in front of his fawning fans/constituents.


Anonymous said...

Within 10 years all of Queens will be one big homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

When hyper-corrupt, entrenched and establishment-rigged politicians (NOT public servants), DEVALUE all honesty itself, then what's left for We, the Democracy Free People is a vortex, into which we have been wholly, involuntarily sucked, of rage and despair.

And, that's what City Hall and Albany now represent: an out of control vortex of ever growing rage and despair (without a free voice, reason and now insanity itself)——and, the public be eternally duped, bilked, robbed, scammed, SCARRED FOR LIFE, and damned!

Anonymous said...

Both pols are too used to kissing big birds ass to look into who he really is....backed by REBNY just like JVB has been for years

Anonymous said...

> I just wish the Republicans fielded a real candidate against the Mayor.

They are fielding a real candidate, they're just not supporting her. If Malliotakis had access to the funding that Paul Massey did, she'd have a real chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

Look at what the Machine has done to Ozone Park, Elmhurst, Richmond Hill, Jamaica, Astoria, Rego Park, South Ozone Park, Kew Gardens , and The Rockaways...ALL HAVE BEEN TURNED INTO 3rd World SHITHOLES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh....yo big dummy (as Fred Sanford would say) THIS IS NOT a Republican city. Any GOP in the field is toast!
Amy other "bright" observations?

JQ LLC said...

8 years of Giuliani, and 12 years of mayor fun size was republican enough. But in retrospect they were classic neo-liberals. Rudy (with Bratton) gets points for the reduction of crime in the early-mid 90's.

Anon referencing the Machine is dead on. Walking home in my neighborhood tonight was utterly depressing. Damage roads, mostly from pipeline infrastructure being done with lousy asphalt retouching. Dead bulb lamp posts and homes in disrepair. I have never been more disgusted living in this borough and this city than ever.

Queens is the bastard stepchild borough. Even with tower pestilence growing in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

They’re shocked,shocked I tell you......

Anonymous said...

To second Anonymous from bottom: "Uh...Yo, big dummy (as Fred Sanford would say): THIS IS NOT a Republican city. Any GOP in the field is toast!"

Any other "bright" observations?

Tell that to my missing-in-action council boy Eric Ulrich (a/k/a Derelict Dullrich), who is running against Michael G. Scala in an illegal campaign, because it would be Ulrich's third term, when Ulrich himself already said that it he didn't get the mayoralty (please, stop laughing!), then he wouldn't run for an illegal third term as party-machine-failed city council boy. I am a constituent of his, but you would never know it from the corrupt and dismissive office staff of Ulrich's padded office (as in padded cell). My neighborhood in southeastern Queens never looked more Third World (and now even 'Fourth World')!

How this intensely incompetent nugget continues to survive the ravages of a filthy Republican in a polluted sea of Democratic raw sewage, is a great mystery——as much a mystery as the recent $140,000 that little boy Eric raised for his unlawful campaign!

eyes said...

Vote them all out