Wednesday, October 18, 2017

City to shelter providers: "Name your price"

From the NY Times:

Under pressure to shelter close to 58,000 homeless people on a daily basis, New York City has been paying widely varying rates to shelter providers and, until recently, had no set procedure for determining how much to pay, according to a new audit.

The state comptroller’s office could not determine whether the city is paying reasonable rates for nearly 750 shelters that have cost the city more than $1.1 billion annually, according to the audit, which looked at a sampling of contracts over a four-year period.

Examining 23 new contracts for shelters, auditors concluded that shelter providers named their own prices with little pushback from the Department of Homeless Services. The rates charged by two comparable shelters might differ by as much as $225 per person per day, according to the audit.


Anonymous said...

Department human services is going house to house offering guaranteed $$ rent & repair money if you take in strays & refugee's too !
They will even help fix your "illegal" basement and pending violations if you sign up for the program.
The 2 DHS drones on my stoop also told me "you will get a guaranteed rent check every month and your neighbors don't have to know" "its a great deal"
This no good socialist mayor is trying to turn the city into another Denmark bootdello !!

Anonymous said...

Wake up people! Vote DeBlasio out on November 7.

Anonymous said...

It's just tax dollars, not real money! We'll just get more and more in debt, the kids will pay for it!

Typical NY Voter said...

Sorry I can't vote Dum Dum out, because his most viable opponent has an R after her name. And all the late night "comics" make fun of people with R's, and the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN and NY1 tell me Republicans are mean and stuff.

Besides my family has always voted Democrat and I can't think for myself.

eyes said...

Why don’t they just fix up some of the states abandon upstate mental health facilities and ship the homeless upstate this would be a lot cheaper and create more jobs

JQ LLC said...

de Blasio really likes bribery tactics.

Anonymous said...

Amend the "Right to Shelter Law." That will eliminate half the homeless who are here from other states to obtain our generous benefits. That will cut the number of homeless drastically. Restore the many old buildings and apartments that are vacant and are owned by the city. It would be cheaper to buy a homeless family an RV to live in than to house them in a hotel room. It's always about the money.