Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why Maspeth is getting a shelter, part 2

The leadership of Acacia Network have contributed to both Scott Stringer and Bill deBlasio.
The chairwoman also donated.

Now this may seem like not too much money, but these folks do business with the city and can't contribute as much as the average person.

But who knows how many friends and family members also contributed?

Money talks.


JQ LLC said...

Money talks, and not even that much. 100 from the CFO, this guy was in charge of overseeing millions and billions of dollars. These johns and whores would be dream employees for pimps.

With the amount of money allegedly being administered and distributed to alleviate homeless and provide health care, this shitty city should look like Valhalla and every destitute person should look like the gods of Greek mythology and all these desperate families could be sheltered with ease and in spacious apartments with cherry amenities.

Straw donors is highly likely too. I bet there are 500 donations from interns at Acacia.

Anonymous said...

I went to make a complaint regarding deblasio and the shelter scam in maspeth on the NYC DOI website and look what I get.

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

How convenient you get errors when trying to make a complaint about him.

Joe Moretti said...

Amazing Reporting that the all the other damn media SHOULD be doing.

Homelessness - BIG BUSINESS. And with a city population of more than likely over 9 million and supposedly "60,000" homeless, that number hardly represents a crisis at all. Plus the fact that those numbers are never properly broken down as who came from another state, who are illegal immigrants, who are just chronic unemployed lazy asses, who are people with major criminal records, etc. Slice and dice those numbers and the actual number of NYC homeless is much much lower than the powers that be are stating.

And for a so-called liberal city, warehousing homeless it hotels (and especially in desolate areas) is pretty inhumane. So where is the liberal big mouths always spouting "injustice". Hiding from the issue just as they hide from the awful treatment of women and gay people in the Muslim communities world wide.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget these losers. Why is it that almost everyone in the upper echelons of these 'non profits' has a background in City or State government? Are they in these positions because of their expertise or because this is where they learned to game the system? Lots of money to be made in these no bid homeless contracts. The latest political hack to get in the game is Christine Quinn.Melissa Mark-Viverito has quite the relationship with Acacia, maybe getting ready for her next career if the political thing doesn't pan out.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I somehow put in wrong link above. Different losers.

Anonymous said...

Give money to a prostitute go to jail
Give money to a politute and stay out of jail
Now you know how it works

Anonymous said...

the difference between a politician and a prostitute?
if you die a prostitute stops screwing you