Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More needles on the streets

From the Daily News:

There's been a sharp increase in used syringes littering New York’s streets — at a time when the rate of fatal heroin overdoses is skyrocketing.

The number of complaints about loose needles lying around this year has jumped to 213 — about a 25% increase compared to the same period last year, city Department of Health records show.


(sarc) said...

The last full year of statistics showed that 50,000, again FIFTY THOUSAND people DIED from heroine overdoses.

Those are two year old numbers, we know that number has increased.

Where is the outrage? There is none.

Only concern over the litter it creates.

I am sure that if we were to just legalize all drugs the problems would just go away.

And I doubt that these illegal drugs are just flowing through our southern border...

Anonymous said...

...and in our city parks too.

Anonymous said...

I stepped on a needle in bayside,went through my sneaker and deep into my foot,got tested every 6 months for 3 years. Scarry shit.

Anonymous said...


Heroin overdoses hurt the addict. Litter hurts all of us.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you have a president determined to destroy the country with open borders. Now the Mexican mafia is everyplace, drugs are cheap and abundant. The mayor and police are afraid of them because they kill women and children, anybody in your family if you rat or interfere with them.

(sarc) said...



Litter is candy wrappers, cigarette butts, empty bottles and loose newspapers.

Used needles can be a death sentence if pricked and contracting AIDS!

Regarding the addict hurting only oneself, most will beg to differ.

This heroin AND drug epidemic is related to so many other issues that no elected official wants to take on.

The crime, from low level addicts that cannot hold a job robbing and stealing, all the way to the murderous gang turf wars. The disposable illegal mules transporting the "product". The social services that you the taxpayer must pay for these worthless dope fiends destroying everything in their path, including their families. Emergency personnel now training and carrying "Narcan". These are all costs to us.

And I hope most here realize and are not that naive to think that our so called homeless crisis is not related in many ways to drug addicts. Most shelter operators make incredible sums of money from their rehabilitation programs, paid for with tax dollars. It is a great business if you can get a piece of it.

We are constantly told that marijuana is NOT a gateway and is harmless.
Why is it always the zombie stoners citing that information.

Anon, I would imagine that YOU think the greatest issues facing us today are litter and which bathroom you should use.

I hope you have figured out the new bathroom signage...

JQ LLC said...

Sorry (sarc) pot is harmless. For one, I am more lucid on the sticky icky and I have never and will never ride the pony. Maybe it's naive, but the legalization of weed would possibly end the urge to get stronger drugs. But everything else is spot on.

I am going to spitball (speedball?) here and assume that the majority of hipshits and homeless come here because of the easy availability and cheap price of heroin. And of course indifferent enforcement, although it's good and humane for cops to be assisting and preventing od's, it's basically just babysitting and chaperoning these junkies, and in a way enabling them. And it's been documented and dramatized, even on fictional TV shows (the Wire) of the vertical integration of the dope trade from the electeds to the developers to the druglords to the rehab centers.

It's kind of like a mild but demented form of population control.