Monday, August 8, 2016

Brand new playground unusable

Locked! Why?

This is behind the expansion building for PS305 in Ridgewood. It opened last September.


Anonymous said...

Is it a Parks Department or a DOE playground? If it's DOE, then maintainance and repair comes out of the school's budget. The school principal can keep the playground locked outside of school hours. Parks kicks in money for some school playgrounds, like the one behind PS144.Those stay open for the general public.

Anonymous said...

Sink hole? Yikes.

Roger said...

A lot of schools have gotten rid of recess and don't use the playground. Maybe the sinkhole sign is just an excuse to keep it closed?

Anonymous said...

The NYC public school is a sinkhole.

Kids go in, are swallowed up, and future Democrat party voting robots come out!

Too stupid to see what is going on around them and looking for a handout.

It's the future!

Anonymous said...

We need a picture of the sinkhole!

Anonymous said...

@playground P.S.159Q 205st/32ave, bayside,Bloomberg & pals spent stimulus $ ,2009, to convert softball to park w.30 trees (19 died)& more softball? the half -court glassBkBd hoops were built over sewer drains .great for ankles when rebounding. the fake track (no one uses it)has one lane over a sewer. What planning! ??

Anonymous said...

A g.o.p.councilman,( after 1yr. of negotiating with the Dept.of Educ.(in jail now )finally got the new expensive "PARK" UNLOCKED @P.S.159, for the community teens.

BTW :new immigrant businesses on F.Lewis Blvd@38&37Ave have left out the last name of local Patriot FRANCIS LEWIS from their signs.He ONLY sacrificed his wife to the British & had his Whitestone property attacked by British ships guns in 1776. Are Americans enabling the traitors among us to destroy the U.S.culture & history?