Monday, August 1, 2016

DeBlasio uses a loophole to pay for lawyers

From the Daily News:

City politicians aren't allowed to use their campaign cash to pay lawyers representing them in criminal matters, but Mayor de Blasio has found a way around this problem.

The mayor — now facing multiple investigations of his campaign fund-raising tactics — is using an obscure loophole in campaign finance laws to pay the lawyers defending him.

He’s taking advantage of the fact that while city law mandates donations for primary and general elections can only be used for lawyers handling non-criminal matters related to a campaign, funds raised for run-off elections face no such restriction.

That’s because run-offs fall under state law, not city law, and the state allows campaign funds to pay for criminal defense lawyers. Convicted Albany leaders Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos both took advantage of that this year.


Anonymous said...

This schmuck is taking his cues from Silver and Skills. How'd that work for them?

(sarc) said...

Imagine that, politicians using the laws they create to their own advantage.

Politicians are mostly lawyers that could not make it in the real world of business.

So they go into politics where there is absolutely NO accountability...

JQ LLC said...

Mayor Big Slow is following the shitty footsteps of Silver and Skelos. The 6'5'' burlap bag of dead dicks and horse shit is going down. Hopefully, his staff and the agents of the city will go down with them

Earl Browder said...

Comrade De Blasio has good intentions, so should we really be questioning his ethics?

Comrade De Blasio has already achieved several amazing accomplishments in his short administration: Pre-school for our youngsters, so they may receive daily indoctrination into the values of our Party.

Comrade De Blasio has many other plans: unicorn rides to and from subway stations for underprivileged inner city youth; rainbows over the city 365 days a year; and puppy dogs for everyone except the 1%.

If we stop Comrade De Blasio now, he will never be able to achieve his goals (which are noble), and the trains will no longer run on time.

Anonymous said...

Now, I've said it before and I will say it again: IMPEACHMENT PEOPLE--RIGHT NOW!

This empowered idiot has SO COMPLETELY betrayed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency (not to mention honest, ethical, not for sale leadership that leads by example), that he now DEVALUES all honesty itself--to pathologically treasonous and traitorous effect!

Worse, a depraved SCOURGE (and Godless creature) like de Blasio is SO dangerous, that he is now more lethal than nuclear proliferation! So, what is it gonna take, people--nuclear missiles to eject this sociopath???

Anonymous said...

They should call it the poop hole law because your getting it in the ass.

ron s said...

Yes, DeBlasio is a douchebag. Now find me a person to run against him who is not one. Eliminate all city council members, state senators and assemblymen, as they are uniformly thieves, criminals or retards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To ron s who said, "Eliminate all city council members, state senators and assemblymen, as they are uniformly thieves, criminals or retards."

You got that right, but please don't insult people who are mentally retarded---they can't help their affliction--so unlike the filthy, corrupt, subhuman (yes, you heard it right!) thieves of corruption, greed and graft who are allowed to flourish in city and state government!

All of these public parasites know how to do (in between lunch-and-a-manicure!), is flash a fake smile at their constituents (if they even stick around long enough to actually meet any of them---as soon as work for SOMEONE ELSE is mentioned or overheard, they BOLT!), while they stab the community in the back, repeatedly, without consequence!

My curb has been damaged by the DOT for nearly ten f**king years, after they repaved my street in October of 2007, and left a destructive mess. The jagged rocks are dangerous, and now part of my sidewalk is actually caving in as a result of a decade of willful neglect. For years, I called all three, Super assholes, Eric Ulrich, Michael Miller and Jerkface Joe Addabbo. Their response?--Delay, Deny--And, Hope That You Die! Even their crooked, handpicked staff members are as worthless as they are useless! They are ALL an embarrassment to primates!

And, just like de Blasio, they are so completely corrupt and intensely incompetent, vile, apathetic--and without even marginal traces of human decency, that it's hard to know what separates these Godless creatures from the animal kingdom, where even animals themselves could never behave like this!

When is the power going to be returned to We the People---this whole filthy city and state are a ruinous disgrace of manmade corruption!

Anonymous said...

A dyed in the wool crook!
Jail time for big Bill. Let him get his ass warmed by a horny cell mate in general pop.
That is the way to deter political criminals!
Is it not?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...let some rough Rikers' bikers f--k his ass!