Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First project under MIH rules rejected by council

From PIX11:

A request to build a bigger building in Inwood with half of the units designated as "affordable" has been unanimously rejected by the NYC Council Land Use Committee.

About 250 neighbors stood on the sidewalk Monday evening on the Upper Manhattan sidewalk in front of the old auto showroom to hear Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez's announcement about the corner of Broadway and Sherman Avenue.

Councilmember Rodriguez announced on Monday that he would not support the owner's request to rezone the property.

The final proposal to "upzone" for a bigger building with more density would have include 50% affordable units.

Under the current zoning for the property, the developer is able to construct a residential building on the site.

Councilmember Rodriguez says he decided the project was not what the neighborhood wanted and it was not in its best interests to proceed. He says he is focusing on "Inwood NYC" a bigger redevelopment project, with more units of affordable housing.


Anonymous said...

What the hell? "Affordable housing" advocates are shooting down a variance to give it to them, when it sounds like the as-of-right size would never be profitable with it. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces? Okay, let them suit themselves. Eventually they'll all be priced out of NYC, and we won't have to hear their annoying rallies anymore.

JQ LLC said...

Ydanis didn't decide shit. He was pressured to vote no. Prior to his "decision" he compared the people protesting to Trump supporters.

The shitty council is starting to realize that the citizenry is beyond pissed now.

Anonymous said...

"Councilmember Rodriguez says he decided the project was not what the neighborhood wanted and it was not in its best interests to proceed.."
But would he also vote to protect other neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants denser buildings and yet everyone agrees real estate is costing way to much while the vacancy rate is too low.

Anonymous said...

In Yorkville on Monday morning people were asked not to use their air conditioning unless it was for health reasons. It was already 80 degrees at 8 a.m.

No one stops to realize the ramifications of overbuilding and zoning changes. Yes, would the good Councilmember vote to protect other neighborhoods? Good question!

(sarc) said...

We as a society use way to many resources, especially energy.

So we should ALL turn off our air conditioners.
AND only use mass transit, bike or walk - NO MORE CARS!

It is the right thing to do for the sake of our planet...

Anonymous said...

what is even sadder is that the spanish media isn't going to press him hard on the issue instead he'll be treated like a hero for doing what he did. he caved in to the demands of an enlightened few instead of looking at the bigger picture.