Friday, August 26, 2016

The scaffolding that won't come down

From NBC:

Scaffolding covers buildings, protects sidewalks -- and it's often an eyesore. In some cases, they have a serious effect on nearby businesses. Andrew Siff reports.

From NBC:

Some 'zombie scaffolding' are staying up around buildings across the city for nearly a decade, creating eyesores for neighbors. As Andrew Siff reports, many landlords do it for cost-effective purposes. Watch Part 1 of the zombie scaffolding report here.


(sarc) said...

Suddenly the Ciafone Canopies do not seem as bad as originally thought...

Anonymous said...

certain "organizations" make a lot of money on these scaffolding jobs.

Its just some pipes and plywood, and a half days labor for a crew to put them up, and they charge hundreds or thousands month for "equipment rental" to the buildings owners.

Its some of the easiest money in the city.

Anonymous said...

If everyone wasn't so dam sue happy in this country suing every time a piece of dust falls from a building and getting millions of dollars for it, maybe landlords would be more open to not putting up the scaffolding unless it was really needed. But if something drops off the building, and someone is going to get millions upon millions of dollars in a lawsuit, I don't blame owners for keeping up the scaffolding.