Friday, August 12, 2016

Woodhaven Blvd bridge to close for repairs

From DNA Info:

The hectic area around the Queens Center Mall will become even more congested during an upcoming closure of Queens Boulevard this month.

The busy, six-lane thoroughfare between 57th Avenue in Elmhurst and 62nd Drive in Rego Park will close in both directions from Friday, Aug. 19, at 11 p.m. through Monday, Aug. 22, at 5 a.m. in order to fix the Woodhaven Boulevard Bridge, according to the Department of Transportation.

All traffic on the boulevard will be directed to service roads, which will remain open, according to the agency. Parking will be restricted.

The busy stretch, which runs beneath the Long Island Expressway, features numerous bus stops, including the Q11, Q21, Q29, Q38, Q53, Q60 and Q88, which may also be affected by the flow of traffic.


Anonymous said...

This 80 year old overpass needs to be demolished and rebuilt to modern standards. It's on the verge of collapse . Just look at all of the cracks (some wide) and the sinking overhead structure ( holding up Woodhaven and Queens Blvds) . Not to mention that it floods every time it rains heavy.

(sarc) said...

On a positive note, it will slow down traffic.

That is the Mayor's goal...

JQ LLC said...

That should have undergone renovation 10 years ago. But it's in the way of the encroaching useless bike lanes.

This is really really really really fucking dumb. I suppose there needs to be photo updates of the world's borough in the next edition of lonely planet. Not to mention new markings in that giant bike map the city puts out every spring.

(from a 30 year bike commuter)

Anonymous said...

If demolished what should take 6 months will turn into 6 or more years !! This is due to all the corruption, nepotism and incompetence. It be a disaster !!
Let them just put the shims & brackets, no changes or work should be done under this current administration.
Trump hopefully will be president soon, he knows how to vet the engineers & crews to fix infrastructure. He will also take the handcuff's of his Justice department and allow them to clean-up the massive corruption going on in his birthplace.

Anonymous said...

That should prove to be a nightmare.