Sunday, August 21, 2016

Attempt to gentrify a beach and a Federal park!film-festival/ul2yr

(Note the following: Presented by Bloomberg and in collaboration with Central Park Conservancy & National Park Service. The Central Park Conservancy? Why?)

Now I wrote last year about those idiots (the Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Gothamist) that are running a booze and music festival at my favorite beach Riis Park and my opinion that it's an attempt at gentrifying a beach (fortunately it hasn't worked), but they might have figured out how to do it. They are doing one of those bullshit outdoor movie nights and I provided the links above.

This is going to get very, very ugly. These big spenders don't have enough space and amenities where they are from, they got to turn the "people's beach" into the Hamptons.

Enjoy your afternoon,

Follow up:

I could only take a few pics but I assure you, there was NOBODY setting up on the sand to watch this, and the concession area had barely a crowd. There were more park rangers and crew than customers and passersby. What's even more dreadful is that they had a laptop DJ do a set and no one was paying attention even when she was giving away prizes doing trivia about the movie that was on (It was West Side Story). Lame.


Anonymous said...

Thousands will come...

Anonymous said...

That's for the black people and refugees/illegal immigrants who will be housed in the homeless shelter they want to put up in that abandoned nursing home by Riis Park. There's no check chasing places, no crappy delis that take food stamps , no pawn shops or crack dealers with in walking distance so they have to give the shelter residents cheese in the trap. FREE movies on the beach. Except they are white people's movies. DUH, they refuse to relate.

This is near the same place, Fort Tilden that Patti Smith and MOMA did the show in 2014. They were saying it would bring money into Rockaway. Except the crowds came in on the Q35 bus from Brooklyn. The Riis Park Bazaar wasn't there yet so the crowds dropped NO MONEY IN ROCKAWAY.

There's a subway Ad that says something about art in Rockaway, a building painted pink. What is that and where is it? I have to tell my friends, it's mere propaganda.

Anonymous said...

NYC Parks movies in the park draws decent crowds. I'm betting the low turnout here was due to heat, predicted storms both nights, and the choice of movies. I'll reserve judgement on this.

Anonymous said...

They are showing West Side Story and expect people to show ?
It should be something like 'The Warriors" "Brighton Beach Memories" or a good old classic monster flick.
--what a bunch of friggan idiots, "Almost Famous" is an even worse choice !! The hipster hot tub roof has better movies. --And you can have drinks and do other things

JQ LLC said...

First off, West Side Story is one of the greatest films ever, and it should be shown in an INDOOR theater.

And before I go off in a tangent because it's close to bedtime, if any movie should be shown there is 2001. Because look at those pics. It looks like the monolith in the film crossed with the icon you click when you put the flash player on full screen.

Really, it looks it fell from outer space. And the city thought it would attract every hipshit from every recent gentrified town like the apes from space odyssey.

Here's a freebie for these alleged arts and film curators. The perfect film for this area is "The Flamingo Kid" based on the resort area in Breezy Point in the early 60's. Just don't put an massive inflatable balloon on the fucking sand to show it. And use it as an excuse to network and promote hyper-development and bogus inflated market rate speculation.

The Jig Is Up

JQ LLC said...

Second off, the warriors is a cheesy b movie. How this became an iconic film is beyond belief. k

You can have drinks at Riis too, they have 2 bars and an artisan barsteraunt there too. The booze is suppose to be part of the whole concept of this bazaar. But it's just a gimmick to remake the outlook and patronage of the beach area. To get the stupid free spending alcoholics who live in Brooklyn to come down. Funny thing is that the city even activated a new bus line to get them to come down, the Q35, this bus runs super frequently that I saw 3 of them heading over there on a rainy day 10 minutes apart.

Thank you crappy for this posting again. These people are not even being subtle about their intentions. I knew it wasn't just my imagination.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van Bramer sponsored a couple of these film fests in Sunnyside Gardens park.
Then he took $10,000 in chump change from the Wolkoff family who are currently building TWO 40+ story buildings (with non Union...unskilled?...labor) adjacent to the Court Square #7 stop ....on the former 5 Pointz site.
Van Butt Boy continues to be well supplied in campaign donations from his REBNY associates.
He needs real estate money to fulfill his lust to become mayor....the first OPENLY gay mayor of NYC.
Ed Koch never came out of his closet, so he doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

How's it going to get ugly? Nobody came. No one cares, right?

Anonymous said...

"To get the stupid free spending alcoholics"

First off
1- Not everybody who drinks beer, wine or booze is an alcoholic.
2- Alcoholic's dont drink they go to weird meetings where all people do is talk and tell story's about booze. (no wonder they like to get drunk)

Anybody know How late the Q35 runs I want to go.
---I like to drink but I dont drink & drive, the headache, 12 step & long time monetary costs & hassles are 50,000 times the cost of that cab fair.

JQ LLC said...

Some clarifications and thanks for commenting...

"hows it going to get ugly? nobody came, no one cares right?

That's why there was a follow up. You can choose to give a shit or don't, thoughts are still free and thinking ain't illegal yet. But it's the effort that these organizations went to do something of this magnitude. And the total lack of consideration for all the other visitors and regulars who went to the beach thinking to enjoy a day relaxing under the sun and seeing that hideous monolith on the sand all day (really, I don't think they even took that thing down). And the poster on the header of this story was actually updated/renamed on the day to Bloomberg philanthropies and had the names of the other organizations on the posters. One was for the Rockaway arts alliance and the others were for LLCs of the Averne and a few other Rockaway properties (don't know yet if they are involved in that Mott st or the attempt to build condo towers on 116), and as we all know, anyone can be on LLC's even mystery unidentified partners. I mean look at that goddamn screen. That thing was a good 20 feet high and 25 feet wide. Would they put that on beach 86 or 96 or even in the 70s? Considering the property LLC's that were named on that advertainment event they dropped on riis, this is where these properties are based, why didn't they do it there? Oh yeah most of that FEMA sand eroded.

- "Not everybody who drinks beer, wine or booze is an alcoholic"

No they don't , I for one can attest to that. But a lot of alcoholics don't know they are alcoholics, especially this entitled and coddled generation. And the city knows it too, they dole out liquor licenses like crazy, it's getting to the point that flower shops will get SLA approval. This supposed bazaar is basically designed to attract these new era gilded age partying binge drinker types. It's like they want Santa con all year long. Or they want to import that manufactured party and rooftop bullshit that goes on nightly in towns like the east village, murray hill, williamsburgh, greenpoint, park slope and bushwick. Basically Fun City II

I don't know when the 35 runs, I am not from the lame ass gentrified parts of Brooklyn, you can find out yourself.But it's a long, long ride. And it gets very windy. Come on down, by curiosity or even spite. Try to enjoy that pathetic display by the toilets.
I just wanted to point out the obvious delusive attempts by the city and developers to remake public spaces into privatized utopias. And to also point out that there is gentrification industrial complex involving these same parties.

Weird meetings huh, you sound like you're made of strong stuff. Good luck with that too.

And I am also perplexed by the Central Park's Conservancy on that poster. I was too enraged by seeing that goddamn bloomberg name/brand that I did not even notice it. What does the people who run the most famous park in the city suddenly find the riis location so fascinating and interesting? If you go to their site under events and look up the date, this movie night wasn't even listed. This is starting to smell worse than B102st and beach channel drive.

Weird meetings? very nice. You are made of strong stuff.

"Jimmy Van Bramer sponsored a couple of these film fests in Sunnyside Gardens park."

Exactly, it's a routine. Total collusion involving government and moneyed developers and vulture and nameless investors. They are using art, culture, and even food and booze to drive up rates and consequently drive people out of town. These events are bullshit wastes of time and taxpayer money. Except for the benefactors and the beneficiaries. To the victors go the spoils under permanent government.

Joe said...

This is all nonsense we all did the same dam thing on those beach 116 and 'crickets" under the Cross Bay bridges. Only back then we brought our own booze, and would park our old Satellites, Darts and Hatchbacks at the waters edge watching jets take off JFK. As long as our trash was going back into the beer cases (in the car trunks) nobody bothered us including the cops! They would say something like "be sure to clean up guys and be gone by 11PM because we are gonna check" The people in the local homes didn't mind they said the felt safer with big Italian guys & girls around.

Same on the beach 108 and 116. It was not uncommon to see groups carrying cases and coolers of beer on to the beach. Never a problem !!
Its a dam shame what these shit kicker hip-shits, freaks and progressive bastard politicians have done to my poor city.

As of now I cant sit on my old stoop on Seneca ave with a cold beer without worrying about getting handcuffed, detained and possibly arrested --yet some illegal immigrant mother of 5+ can pull a kids pants down to shit/pee in the street and passing cops ignore it.

Anonymous said...

I love gentrification. LOL! It improved my formerly ghetto nabe.
Now I don't have to carry a big stick each time I go out to get groceries.

Anonymous said...

Hey....if the film is a flop...just turn that rubber raft over and fill it with refugees.