Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bye, bye, Bill (not that one)

From NBC:

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is stepping down as the city's top cop and will be replaced by Chief of Department James O'Neill in September, Mayor de Blasio announced Tuesday.
De Blasio lauded the commissioner's contributions to New York City since taking over the job in January 2014 and praised the man who will replace him, a veteran cop with more than 30 years on the force who grew up in the city and whose experience he said will advance the work of neighborhood policing.

Under Bratton, the city already has made plans to shift toward that strategy, one predicated on building trust and working relationships between police and communities. O'Neill has been heavily involved in those efforts, and de Blasio said neighborhood policing would be in place in 51 precincts as of this fall.


(sarc) said...

It will be interesting to see what the results are from this change.

Especially since the current administration will continue to tie the hands of the police with its policies.

I am sure everything will just be wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Thank god

Anonymous said...

I don't buy into the theory that he decided to leave for better pay. It had to be because of Mayor Diblassio and his lax policing strategies. If he were offered the job as head of Homeland Security under Clinton, then that's a no brainer!!

Anonymous said...

He has lizard eyes.

Anonymous said...

One counterfeit Bill down---ONE MORE TO GO!

But, WHY, WHY, WHY is 21st century New York STILL (and always!) at the mercy of all endless, grinding, public corruption that is always the most destructive and self serving part of the greed, graft and dereliction of public duty, instead of the solution---no matter how much these imbeciles are paid?? I could find a crew of high school dropouts with more drive, ambition and integrity to run city government efficiently, than these unfunny intensely incompetent clowns of epic fail!

Anonymous said...

oh BLM were responsible for forcing a white man out of a job? why am I not surprised. they are calling for an end to all police or something called community policing.

disgusting. disgraceful

Anonymous said...

The brat is leaving the sinking ship.
DervWilhelm De Blasio will be found guilty of criminal manipulation.
Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Eventually he had enough under a cop hating pot-head mayor. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. All the best. Make lots of money.

Anonymous said...

Bratton will be consulting for the Teneo Holding Comp.
From the Daily News: "The company, launched in 2011, served as an adviser to the Clinton Global Initiative, and ex-President Clinton served for a short time on the Teneo advisory board.
Among Teneo’s past employees is Huma Abedin, who pulled in $15,000 a month as a consultant for the company while still employed at the State Department."

Anonymous said...

The company that Bratton is going to work for has ties with the Clintons so head of Homeland Security is a possibility. Also explains why he was bad-mouthing Trump on TV this morning

Anonymous said...

This new guy is likely put on knee pads when the mayor calls without an argument or challenge even faster.
Why is this sick heavy medicated, deranged, unfit, corrupt, pot smoking mayor bastards still in office ?
I believe we have laws against allowing public servants with mental issues serve.
The Governor should have grew some balls and found a way to have this asshole De Blaz removed 2 years ago. Were are talking about mass negligence & corruption with the lives of 4 million taxpayers.

JQ LLC said...

Sick story about Teneo. The chairman refused a salary when he got appointed by Manifest Hillary, that way anyone under his employ can claim they were not government employees. Basically this guy and his staff were "agents of the nation". Even though they have pfizer and Dow as clients, these fiends get rich by basically not doing anything constructive at all.

It's all being set up nicely for the Clinton Industrial Complex (gothamist gets credit for that title). This election is clearly all about the enrichment of both candidates. It doesn't even matter who wins now, our system is compromised as fuck.

Dr. Stein or Governor Johnson has to gain ground for this to stop somewhat.

Anonymous said...

>Dr. Stein or Governor Johnson has to gain ground for this to stop somewhat.

Let us hope!