Saturday, August 13, 2016

New permit needed for Garaufis house

From the Times Ledger:

Construction on the house formerly owned by federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis at 218-15 40th Ave. in Bayside had a stop work order slapped on it in July due to revocation of the owners’ Alt-1 permit after the once stately home was torn down.

A spokesman for the city Department of Buildings said the owners have filed for a permit for an entire new building, but have not yet been approved.

The owners of the property were ordered to file for a new work permit in June, a DOB spokesman said. They no longer qualified for an alteration permit and were required to apply for a new building permit if they were approved. But according to a July 14 filing on the DOB website, the department revoked the Alt-1 after an inspection and a stop work order was placed on the site.

The Department of Buildings said the owner, who goes by the name Lisa, had originally filed for an Alt-1 permit restricting renovation to less than 50 percent of the original structure. The plans submitted to the DOB depict an update which would extend the front of the house a few feet. However, neighbors began to worry as the roof was torn off, followed by the top floor of the three-level structure. Finally, the home was reduced to ground level.

Garaufis’ house is believed to have been built circa 1890 and was the one of the personal residences of the Lawrence family, influential members of the early Bayside community. A study conducted by Bayside Historical Society Treasurer Paul Graziano found the Lawrence Estate eligible for the National and State Register of Historic Places. This recognition, however, carries no protection from demolition or alteration.


Anonymous said...

The city should take possession of the property and restore it! Screw those assholes with no respect for NYC!

(sarc) said...

Anonymous said...
"The city should take possession of the property and restore it! Screw those assholes with no respect for NYC!"

Are you putting up ALL the funding to purchase, research, restore, maintain, and run it in perpetuity?

I think not.

And who would want to even go see this old shak? Perhaps one half dozen readers of the Crapper?
Then what? Another white elephant! Another burden to an already bloated city budget!

How many historical venues in NYC do you frequent and generously support? I imagine none.

People are always so brilliant and generous with other peoples' money...

Anonymous said...

Pink faced Judge Nickie always looked like Porky Pig to me. He worked for crooked Claire Shulman as Boro counsel. Let the remains of his house...IT AIN'T A SACRED SITE FOLKS....reflect his shady affiliations. Who gives a crap,except the Douglaston gentry. Let them get a taste of what goes on in Flushing on a daily basis. I hope t hey replace it with a four family monstrosity. And you Dougie dogs thought this kind of shit would never touch your sequestered little nabe. THINK AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Who goes by the name "Lisa"

Anonymous said...

P.S.130Q,@42ave./F.L.Blvd. is THE LAWRENCE SCHOOL & the School yard/park/playground is THE FRANCIS LEWIS PLAYGROUND. Should not a plaque be erected to honor these patriots ,so that the new immigrants that have Hi-jacked the property, on school hours, remember it's history ?

Anonymous said...

They need to pull the license of contractor and architect from doing business with NYC DOB. This would set an example for others not to try to go around the system.

Anonymous said...

Just a small part of the N.Queens traitor sellout to the Chicoms by the DONNY MANES DEM.pol.machinecirca 1975 .same as the Little Rock Dem. Bubbas who stained the U.S.WHITEHOUSE. THE CHICKENS HAVE REALLY COME HOME TO ROOST!!!