Tuesday, August 23, 2016

De Blasio press release indicates shelter shuffle is a huge scam

The de Blasio administration has announced the imminent opening of 4 new shelters this month in Maspeth, Woodside, Bed-Stuy and Ozone Park.

Yet on August 10th, he announced the following:

So do we need to "plan capacity" or should we pat de Bozo on his head for his deft handling of the homeless crisis?


Anonymous said...

And we still have another 60k on the streets. Where are these people being "housed" if we still have a housing shortage? In hotels? How about deporting the illegal ones back to their own countries? And how about tossing those that weren't born and raised on this city back to their own stats of origin? Let their own countries and states take care of these people. You should be really helping the people born in nyc find housing that's affordable instead of wasting your time on illegals and idiots who only came here because they thought they can make it here but instead end up living in the streets.

Anonymous said...

More are not going into shelters ...they are going onto our streets and into our parks and subways . Our mayor is a professional 3-card Monte dealer too.

Anonymous said...

Queens really does need a shelter: A no kill animal shelter. Instead of taking care of lost and homeless cats and dogs, ACC routinely gases many of them. Under state law every county is suppose to have an animal shelter, yet Queens does not.

Why is the city so fast to open new homeless shelters while outright refusing, year after year, to take care of animals? Let me answer that: There's no money in protecting our less fortunate furry creatures. There are no big real estate developers or shady political lobbyists pushing for it.

You can tell everything you need to know about the leadership of any community by how they take care of animals.

I say convert that hotel into one huge animal shelter. It would actually create / preserve jobs too.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself a question…when was the last time any governmental bureaucracy acted on behalf of the MIDDLE CLASS as its FIRST CONCERN in decision making?

I have lived in Maspeth over 30 years, my wife is a 3rd generation Maspeth resident who lived here all of her life, and my children are the 4th generation. The economy has affected Maspeth as any other Middle Class neighborhood. I’m a science professional (once proudly at top of my class and sales leader, now unemployed 3 years in my profession, too young to retire, too old to start over), surviving on savings and 401K, no differently than a banker, construction worker, and school administrator living on my block “between jobs”.

We also support “extended families”- There are disabled elderly in-laws and adult children in our households. I know of married couples and professionals right on my block- teachers, secretaries, retail professionals living with their parents in “spare bedrooms”, on account of declining wages in the professions.

Although we maintain the appearance of our properties, we are all fighting a battle the bureaucracy knows nothing about and cares even less for. After a lifetime of HARD WORK, our homes are all we got left; we are one “co-pay”, one “mugging”, one minor disaster or tax increase away from missing a mortgage payment, tuition loan payment, or financial ruin through no fault of our own.

Years ago, in Manhattan, I was personally assaulted by a “homeless” person slashing with a razor (police report filed), and my wife has been verbally accosted twice in Maspeth while walking to work. So, I know from experience how dangerous they are.

The prioritization of “homeless”, already accommodated with FREE housing, FREE food, FREE medical, FREE utilities (with NOTHING to lose) under the moniker of “humanitarianism” to the point of endangering a community is counter-intuitive. A Maspeth resident has everything to lose as statistically relevant criminality and property devaluation associated with such efforts follows them…

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting how this 'Tale of Two Cities' phony had time to hobnob with his wife, Chirlane (who is not a public servant, but who has two high-paying, publicly unauthorized lackeys on the city payroll, thereby completely betraying taxpayers' to the tune of more than $350K!), to attend billionaire Ron Perelman's annual, mega summertime fudraiser at his East Hampton compound called 'The Creeks' (more like 'The CREEPS!')! From Bloomberg News: 'Ron Perelman Taps Hamptons Wallets to Break Barriers at Apollo,' by Amanda Gordon

I was a guest at Perelman's Hollywood laden bacchanalia on Saturday, August 20, 2016, and there was Chirlane and her big, tall and slow dickhead on the private dock overlooking Georgica Pond (which is ironically polluted--even before these two counterfeit, hustling predators made their social climbing appearance)!

Meanwhile, New York City is a toxic cesspool of raw sewage, and overspilling with profound social ills and disparities that di Blasio himself created (and invited), and so what does this social climbing phony do? He installs himself among plutocracy to elevate his future candidacy (heave forfend)! And, New York City continues to pay a soul-crushing price, when this empowered idiot should have been impeached in 2014!

It's all over, big slow: You've betrayed public trust, ethics and integrity so completely, that you and your party lurking wife now devalue all honesty itself--and, the public be duped, bilked, scammed and damned!

Anonymous said...

Government...rather the wealthy U.S. Senators want to see the middle class crushed.
Why? The middle class might not be rich but they have enough spare time and money to be a real pain in the ass.
The poor, on the other hand, have neither money or a shred of spare time to act up and attend rallies to rail against the ruling upper classes. Many hold two jobs. They come home dog tired and are easy prey to scheming politicians who toss them a few crumbs.
We are headed toward a two class society....rich and poor...with no middle ground for a middle class.
Most of the children of middle class parents wind up,doing worse than their parents. They are falling into the abyss of the lower classes.
Go to college? LOL! Yeah....major in debt. After graduation, you are in competition with Mendoza or Chin or whatever nationality of the world will work for less than you. So it will be wage slave competition just to be able to eat, sleep, and fuck without living in a country where police death squads hunt you down if you criticize the government.
Sound grim? Yes, as in Grimm's fairy tales. Hmmm....reality bites.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear such phrases as "betrayed the public trust" I think, here's another bozo who was dumb enough to trust any politician.
Look at your currency. What does it say on the back"
"In God we trust"! Do you hear anything about trusting government?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Politicians are foxes. Guard your chicken coop yourself!
Any time any politician promises "change" you are being lied to!
Go and change your underwear. That's the only change that is in your control!
As for the crusader type pols...you know the kind....the ones that are reformers....politics is also their business.
They sell you hope when the only hope is to change your Congressmembers like socks.
Without it, stagnant corrupt politics is what ye shall reap!
Break up cushy Congress. It should not exist as a safe haven for lazy entitled oligarchs!
Don't you flush your toilet each time you take a dump?
Why not your politicians? Phew! Ah, the stench of mendacity , lethargy, corruption!

Anonymous said...

The ozone park location sounds like it will be a flophouse.
.. Who dreams this up?