Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jimmy unhappy with homeless shelter in his district

From Sunnyside Post:

The Quality Inn, located at 53-05 Queens Boulevard, is being used as a temporary homeless shelter. In the past two months, families have arrived without the DHS informing elected officials, Community Board 2 or the public at large.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said he was never formally notified of the administration’s decision to move homeless families into the hotel. It was only when he heard from a constituent that he uncovered that it was being used as a temporary shelter for the homeless.

“The administration’s handling of this has been outrageous and has been botched from the start,” Van Bramer said. “I have been livid with the administration in the way the have tried to sneak this in. It is not the way the these things should be done.”

He said the de Blasio administration didn’t tell anyone that the temporary shelter was in operation. He said that de Blasio is ultimately responsible for this.

“Whether he is making the call or not, the buck stops with the mayor and that is what the big job means,” Van Bramer said.

Van Bramer said he has no plans to protest outside the Quality Inn. “There are young mothers and children who are going through tough times. We do have to show empathy.”

Well then prepare for more, Jimbo!


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that communities cannot organize and sue the city. If we work as one then we will have a greater chance of defeating DHS. We're wasting resources fighting each shelter that pops up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He knew all about this new homeless shelter Jimmy Van Bramer -- he is trying to act stupid -- and yet he does not want anyone protesting in front of the "Quality Inn" everyone should be protesting -- just like they did with the Pan Am and there were homeless in there already -- I guess the money wasn't enough for him --

JQ LLC said...

Save your righteous indignation, Jim.

This guy must know he's been dicked by De Faustio with this homeless gerrymandering and it's going to cost him his seat from the disgruntled voters. Better find a new line of work or become a house husband, chump.

Anonymous said...

Playing both sides Jimmy?

Anonymous said...

why when we protest does the news always interview the one jerk in the crowd that makes the entire demonstration look hateful & racist

Gary W said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
why when we protest does the news always interview the one jerk in the crowd that makes the entire demonstration look hateful & racist

Classic False Flag operation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jimmy knew all about it and I'm sure he's getting his cut by allowing these shelters into his neighborhood. All these politicians are in it for the money. Vote them all out.

Anonymous said...

"without the DHS informing elected officials"

No shit and why is this a surprise ?
Does Jimmy really expect DHS to disobey Obama and disclose Queens is one of the top 3 dumping grounds for Syrian refugees (terrorist's)

Oh God help us if all the stupid in NY elect Clinton !!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy has been screwing his constituents from the get go.
Now he's pissed because he's getting butt fucked(in a way he doesn't like)
In his own district. Jimmy will sell out anyone to further his lust to become mayor.
His crocodile tears fool nobody. He knew about the shelter long ago.
He just had a long time to practice crying about it good enough to convince his voters that he cares.
Now his supporters can cry about voting the prissy nasty JVB their councilman.

Anonymous said...

He's already fucked his constituents, sans Vaseline!

Anonymous said...

Classiest commenters, as ever.

Anonymous said...

If you want class , attend a social manners class.
This is Queens Crap...where the plain unvarnished truth is told.
No connected weekly news editors muffle this stuff.
If it embarrasses you crooked political suck ups...log off.
C'mon...admit is refreshing and titilating.
That's why you're hooked.
And that's the real bottom line. Ain't it?