Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FDNY moves on from Sunnyside

From DNA Info:

The FDNY has dropped a plan to relocate its spare and reserve fire engine fleet to a building on 43rd Street and is looking instead for another location, according to officials.

The department had been vying to use the site at 39-34 43rd St. in Sunnyside as a warehouse and administrative facility for its Bureaus of Fleet Services, where it would host its spare fire apparatus fleet — about 100 fire engines, tower ladder trucks and other vehicles that are used to replace the department's regular rigs if they break down or get in an accident.

The proposal was approved by Community Board 2 with several stipulations back in June, when it was met with criticism from residents who were worried about potential traffic and noise at the site, which is near the Torsney and Lou Lodati playgrounds.

The FDNY has since withdrawn its land use application for the proposal, as the Sunnyside Post first reported and an Fire Department spokesman confirmed. The FDNY is currently looking for an alternative location, according to the spokesman.


Anonymous said...

The mafiosos at the FDNY don't forgive quickly. I'd hate to be the in Sunnyside the next time there's a fire there. And given the efficiency at the FDNY I'd expect one rather soon.

Anonymous said...

Stick them in Flushing Airport

Anonymous said...

I thought the kids at the playground would be thrilled to have firetrucks next door!