Sunday, August 17, 2014

What represents us in Congress

Congressman Crowley Appears on Late Night with Seth Meyers Test Show


georgetheatheist said...


Basically a "nothing" interview. This passes for intelligent TV?

Snake Plissskin said...

This passes for an intelligent political leader?

People, that this guy is 5th in the Democratic pecking order in Congress tells us that we are living in the era of people like Millard Fillmore and Benjamin Harrison.

We could dismiss this man as a space filler on the path of history, but our problem is far more than academic: he does very little for his district and indeed probably does a great deal of harm by sucking as much money out of it as possible to enrich his otherwise nondescript resume.

His stifling control over the party and who is in, and not in, office does even more damage to us and the borough of Queens.

I cannot think of any significant legislation this man has passed.

Even the Democratic leadership, as empty and hollow as its principles have become, gives him a wide berth.

That he leaves his family in Virginia speaks volumes about his attitude towards us and the world that he makes us live in.

Anonymous said...

What a mindless jerk. Who invited him? Or did he invite himself? He needs to work on his accent. Low class.

Anonymous said...

He didn't discuss how he inherited the congressional seat from Thomas Manton.

Anonymous said...

Isnt he from Virginia ?

JQ said...

what a buffoon,kudos to seth and his producers for culling those clips.especially that pic of him leaning to get in the shot,that kid he's holding looks embarrassed.

but he does know and play music with black people.

and he likes tween wave and ryan locthie.

and he does nothing in d.c. in the worst congress in the last century and is just aloof about it.

think about this guy when they send troops to fight the next world war in the middle east and northern africa.

georgetheatheist said...

Look, it even gets worse.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he even ever really set food into corona, Jackson heights or flushing. If he did, he would see that all three of those areas are disgusting and full of filth! Our "vibrant and diverse " citizens ruined this city along with the yuppies! All if NYC is third world not just the airport!

Anonymous said...

All I got out of this interview is that he confirmed Queens has a third-world airport and third-world food, and nothing is being done in Congress. No wonder he lives in Virginia (at taxpayer expense).

Joe said...

Intelligent TV from SNL producers and writers ?

I worked at NBC ALL the producers are Democrats half of them are gay. The network is one big clubhouse.
Both Seth and Jummy Fallons teams are the same people that produce "Saturday Night Live"
I was personally threatened & harassed for not bowing and clapping for Al Gore when he was on the show. This happened when the jerk was in the hallway doing a skit--(2 teams of Q card holders for 6 short lines dialect BTW). The dude really sucked, THE WORST and had teams of people writing and coaching every line and movement he made.
These people screw with news reporters who dare upset the mayor going off script assignment asking question not approved by the mayors press secretary (they inform and coach the mayor and his assorted goons like the police commissioner what questions will be coming at them).
BTW-Evil corrupt NBC is owned by General Electric who receive HUGE contracts from the government in return.

Anonymous said...

Here he is arrested at a rally that wanted to open the gates to immigration - not to his Virginia suburb, but to your Queens neighborhood.

Why was he not present in the House trying to end the government shutdown?

(The rally took place after Los Tigres del Norte performed at the National Mall during a show in which the Mexican band dedicated each song to the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, blame it on the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

This guy is nothing but a common thug, he does nothing in Congress, he rules the Queens Democratic Committee with an iron fist, which is why we have so many mediocre electeds. The few that dare to go against them face primaries and uphill odds at keeping their jobs or advancing to new ones. Things won't change until Crowley goes. Sadly, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Things won't change until Crowley goes. Sadly, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Thanks, hack.

Feeding people that they are powerless is one of the big reasons that people like Crowley exist.

Mold and slimy things do no do well in sunlight and fresh air.

This man's days are numbered when the first step is made with blogs like this. Once people start to point and laugh and he loses face the process eats its own.

Anonymous said...

A jovial jerk.