Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not-for-profit did nothing for dough

From DNA Info:

The city is trying to get nearly $300,000 back from a Jamaica substance abuse center, which officials say may have misused the funds, according to court documents.

According to the complaint, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Aug. 8, New Spirit II signed a contract with the Department of Health in July 2008 and “received funding to deliver medically supervised outpatient services for the treatment of alcohol and chemical dependency between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.”

After an audit was conducted in November 2011, the city demanded the nonprofit, on South Road and Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, return the $285,866, which the group failed to do, according to the document.

"This lawsuit is a routine action brought against an agency that failed to live up to its contract with the city," lawyer Alan Kleinman of the city's Law Department said in an email.

Kleinman declined to say where New Spirit II spent the money.


We're Queens - We Can't Have Things said...

Are any Jamaica pols on the board?

Aren't they famous for helping themselves to public funds through bullshit non-profits?

Anonymous said...

But they had a nice banner on the outside of their building and kicked the correct # of $ back to the offshore accounts of the shell corporations that fronted for the fun sized mayor.What could possibly go wrong with such a scenario?
Btw- who was doing audits of this sort gor NYC in Nov.2011.And who was casting aspersions about straw donors and unpaid fines and theft of public election financing $.Could it be our intrepid US atty
, Preety (bought + paid for by mini msyor)
Boy himself? And you think this assclown is going to do something sbout Gov.Suitcases of Cash in Hotel Rooms?Dream on!

Anonymous said...

This organization has been corrupt since it's inception...

Joe Moretti said...

Just more shady shit in Jamaica, the Wild Wild West of Queens. More than likely some local elected or church leader is somehow connected to this place or helped with funding or something. Just like Leroy Comrie when he was councilman gave $5000 to a bogus clinic, Angeldocs ( (http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/albany/2013/12/8536998/ag-queens-nonprofit-executive-stole-grant-money))

ron s said...

Wouldn't be a bad idea for the Comptrollers office to start an across-the-board look at all not for profits in NYC or NYS. It would take some time but there would be a lot of money to recoup and a lot of slimers to send away.