Sunday, August 17, 2014

Noise complaints and gentrification

From WNYC:

A call in for gentrifiers on when you call 311 vs. when you adapt to the conditions of your new neighborhood. On this show earlier this week, NYPD Commissioner Bratton argued that the vast majority of the work his police department does is in response to community concerns, including so-call “quality of life” calls to 311 and 911. In response, a caller from Harlem brought up gentrification as a key element, saying that many complaints are about new residents not understanding or accommodating existing cultural norms, such as loud block parties or music.

So, how much do "gentrifiers" have a responsibility to accommodate when they move to a new neighborhood? Or, is a noise complaint a noise complaint, regardless of who is being noisy, and who is making the call?

I'd have to go with the latter. The noisemakers are assholes. And frequently, they are, in fact, the gentrifiers.


Scott68 said...

Wrong is wrong, whether new to the nabe or not.

Party type folks that had free reign on a block don't get grandfathered in, as much as they'd like to think so.

Mike Francesa said...

That's like moving into Jamaica and saying you didn't expect black people.

Anonymous said...

Actually in North Flooshing, it's the guidos that make all the noise.
They think they own everything, especially since they voted Stinky Vallone in.

Joe Moretti said...

This is bullshit. Problematic noise is just that, problematic noise. Before the gentrified folks came in, do you really think that all the "old timers" in that neighborhood really liked and approved of all that noise? I doubt it, that just tolerated it, because they did not want to get involved.

This whole us versus them is bullshit. There are rules and laws in all communities, it is just that some communities have been getting away with shit because no one was standing up.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the newbie complaints on NY institutions (Mr. Softee, for example), but can anyone justifiably defend one guy in an apartment complex blasting music day in and day out?

I suppose the matter is more urgent if you live alongside one of these jackasses.

Unknown said...

Let's face it. We're talking about mostly PRs and DRs that use the streets as their 24 hour disco. Just like "Jenny from the block," they move out crappy furniture onto the sidewalks, drink and blast music at all hours. They basically chased everyone out and now the "new people," don't want to deal. Well...welcome to NY and keep voting Democratic cause this is who is causing the noise. Your fellow peeps!!

Anonymous said...

Actually in North Flooshing, it's the guidos that make all the noise.

They think they own everything, especially since they voted Stinky Vallone in.

If you want to see Vallone will do to your community, take a look at what they did to Astoria.

All the business districts are full of one beer joint after another - all with their walls off blasting air conditioning and noise out to the street.

Where you use to find services for the community you now have noise and loud music - just like a college town. Who needs a fish store or a shoeshine?

They say the landlords make more money with booze, and its true. But why stop their?

If they sold drugs or ran a whorehouse they would make even more money.

The prevailing feeling, as at is that if you don't like it you can move.

Why? Because the politicians aren't doing their job?

Yet anther stunt by the politicians to hollow our communities that cater to transients who are not involved in the community.

Anonymous said...

if you want to improve the quality of live issues, then start deportations.

Anonymous said...

The politicians, are for the most part, too arrogant and stupid to care or even know what makes a strong community.

You make a donation of a few hundred dollars and can pretty much do anything you want to a community as complaints will be dropped into the bottomless pit of 311 or, as they do in western Queens, simply ignore you (that is unless you are UCCA and they can discuss airport noise once or twice a year)

Anonymous said...

And as we all know, in Harlem, everything that is good happens, and nothing bad ever happens, after midnight, at these loud block parties.

Just maybe, its time (again), for the cultural norm to change.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to NY, freaking hipsters, now go home! Nabe? Straight hipster speak. GTFO!