Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Future Forest Hills medical clinic is a hot mess

From DNA Info:

The site of a planned health care facility on Austin Street has become a graffiti-covered mess after a series of construction delays, including being shut down by the city for unsafe work conditions.

Work began last summer at 71-57 Austin St. and the facility was supposed to open earlier this year. But since then, there have been issues with obtaining permits, as well as city-imposed stop work orders.

In July, two stop work orders were issued for hazardous conditions, including for failure to provide an adequate fence and for improper excavation procedures.

The orders have since been partially rescinded, with only emergency work allowed.

The site was hit with eight violations, including for failure to protect people at the site and not notifying the DOB of excavation. All of the violations remained open as of Tuesday.

The planned building is slated to house a walk-in health care center run by ProHealth, a physician group practice with facilities throughout New York and Long Island.


Anonymous said...

This won't be going anywhere soon. What a mess. And how did DOB and CB 6 not know what was happening? For shame!

Anonymous said...

Oh, look. It's the building that had an ILLEGAL demolition of its beautiful tudor accented facade, breaking the character of the block, when the permit allowed only for interior gutting.

Hope Austin Street LLC goes broke.

We're Queens - We Can't Have Things said...

The city should confiscate the property!

By violating the permit and DESTROYING beautiful architectural details the owner has forfeited the right to the property. IMHO - lol!

Who are these effin' builders that are constantly replacing architectural gems with stucco boxes? They've already destroyed most of Queens - it's a great pity that they've now set their sights on Forest Hills!

Where is the public outcry? Where is Melinda-fucking-Katz? Isn't this her home turf?

Has Forest Hills gone the way of Flooshing with too many new residents that don't give a shit about American culture (I've had foreigners tell me that we don't have one!)or preserving the character of the neighborhood?

Take heed - Main St. looked like Austin St. back in the 60s!

Joe Moretti said...

............and the continuation of Queens down the crapper, while leaders stand by, don't give a shit, yada, yada, yada.

I mean how can Katz allow such shit from this developer and allow DOB to not step in from the get go. I mean fuck, it is her neighborhood. I have walked by this site plenty of times, it is always filled with litter and really dangerous. Does not take brain surgery to figure that out.

Time for DOB to be completely overhauled, it is way too corrupted and incompetent.

Anonymous said...

CityMD has been open for a while a few blocks from this hole in the ground and a pediatric urgent care is opening up in what used to be a movie theater as well, so no big loss

the only loss is to an old one doctor urgent care office in the area that will probably close soon.