Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Legislation proposed to improve truck safety

From CBS 2:

There is a growing danger on the road in the New York area. Trucks have been hitting overpasses at an alarming rate, causing delays on your ride to work.

Tractor trailers have had their roofs torn off and hurled debris everywhere. On the Northern State Parkway traffic was backed up for miles after one such incident, part of the New Jersey Turnpike was shut down for hours after a truck had its cargo hold torn off.

Experts said that not all commercial drivers are prepared, and that many don’t use specialized GPS for trucks.

“Eighty-percent of low bridge strikes are caused by truckers who are looking at GPS systems that don’t warn them off the highway, that don’t warn them the bridge is too low,” U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said.

Sen. Schumer is pushing for nationwide standards for GPS devices that will do a better job directing commercial drivers.


Anonymous said...

What are the other twenty percent of low bridge strikes? They were warned off the highway and stayed on?

JQ said...

technology has made people lazy.

use your be surprised that memory,being observant and aware of your surroundings can save you a lot of trouble and damage.

to those who refuse and remain slaves to your gps and google maps,you deserve the condescension

Anonymous said...

One major problem is that the clearance signs on the bridges in the city are always 12 inches less than the actual clearance. If the signs say 12'6" its usually 13'6". So a truck driver of a 13'6" load tries to squeeze under knowing he has an extra foot. Sometimes he makes it and sometimes he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I Call bullshit! Another Schumer bullshit conference, There already are laws on the books. Enforce them!

Anonymous said...

How about tree trimming? Someone came on our block last year and trimmed all the branches over the sidewalk and nothing over the streets.

A semi went barreling down the street and struck a branch. The driver lost control and only the ripped up the tree blocked the truck from plowing into the front of three houses.

Did the 311 ritual and called Jimmy Van Bramer's office - or should we say left a message on his voice mail.

No call back. No surprise. We are not tower people living next to a train yard.

Anonymous said...

People are salves to their mobile gadgets. Al they need to do is read the sign: Do not enter.

Anonymous said...

I've been noticing more and more large pick-up trucks, panel trucks, high vans, etc., that are obviously used by people for business - meaning that they even have company names, numbers, and logos on the sides - that have regular license plates. Who determines which vehicle should have commercial plates? And who enforces it? If it's all done on a voluntary basis, then why should someone register their vehicle as a commercial one?