Friday, August 22, 2014

No one responsible for abandoned boats

From the Queens Courier:

The origin of an abandoned boat on the College Point shoreline in Flushing Bay is a mystery but like the bay’s water, which government agency is responsible for abandoned vessels is murky.

According to the Coast Guard and other organizations, there is no agency that’s responsible for such unworthy sea vessels that aren’t obstructing waterways.

“It just appeared here one day and we’ve been salvaging it for parts ever since,” said a construction worker, who didn’t want his name revealed because he didn’t know whether it was illegal to take parts of the boat. He said that the boat has been in the bay for five years. While the decrepit boat shell doesn’t bother the construciton worker, he wonders why the city hasn’t done anything about it.

“If someone abandons their car, the government is going to tow it, right? So why do different rules apply here?” he said.


Anonymous said...

How about the one sticking up out of thr water off the end of the Soundview Ave. cul de sac on the Bx. side of the E. River? It even shows up on Google Earth and features prominently in a mural in the entranceway of PS 129Q.

Anonymous said...

NYC should deem them abandoned (duh!) and sell the to salvagers. There's probably enough metal in them to make that economically do-able. And a far better way to fill the City coffers than some others...

Anonymous said...

Give them to the Navy and let them use them for target practice.

Anonymous said...

their once was a 220'100 man crew that swept mines from the many port seaways of the world, so that larger war ships and private vessels would survive the enemies of mankind.

but it too was abandoned sad sad sad.

see: bobs minesweepers....been there ,done that