Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is the Parks Dept killing us?

From NBC:

An environmental study found a chemical used by the city's parks department as an herbicide is also associated with lymphoma and breast cancer, prompting fears it could put kids at risk. Stacey Bell has more.


Anonymous said...

So if parks doesn't spray and take care of the weeds people complain. When they do people complain about the spray. Why don't we use some common sense and stay clear of the areas they recently sprayed.

Anonymous said...

I suspect we will all survive, thanks. Better than an outbreak of West Nile, Malaria or the four dozen other mosquito borne diseases (ebola?) that are possible. Next.

Anonymous said...

What about the parks workers who spray these chemicles and the other workers who clean the parks after. I used to work for Parks and know that they are exposed to these chemicals. Many times they would not mark the sprayed areas. These chemicals are stored in offices and lunch areas. Trucks used to spray chemicals in the morning are used by cleaning crews later. You can smell the chemicals. Spray crews were told to where respirators and raincoats, but many did not bother to use them.
The house next to playgrounds or triangles are also exposed to the spray. No one informs them to close windows or take any precautions.
Wildlife and trees "non weeds" harmed also.
Instead of using chemicles, the city should hire more workers to maintain the parks. Use manual methods to remove the weeds. Years ago they did not use herbicides in the parks.

JQ said...

roundup,monsanto,where have I heard these names mentioned before?


this is sick,nowhere is safe from government mandated corporate poison,whether it be the vertical integration of monsanto seeds and pesticide to the fracking and pipeline of transatlantic and its other divisions.

this is a huger problem than that segment suggests.the ditz being interviewed is no different than being told to duck and cover from a nuke attack.

Anonymous said...

The "rats" excuse os bullshit. The rats burrow under the ground. You can see rat burrows in places where there is no plant growth at all. The news report said the Parks Dept PRIMARILY sprays the planting areas. Parks also sprays the safey surfaces on the playground, the cracks in the sidewalks, cobbles stones along fences, anywhere weeds can grow to prevent weed growth. It's all about the all important RATINGS that parks get when they are inspected. They get bad marks on the rating score sheet for weeds! Each section of the park gets rated. The saftey surface is one section. Bad marks for weeds there. The perimeter (sidewalk) is another section, bad mark for weeds there, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just DONT WALK In the weeds, flower beds and salt marshes.

This is NOTHING compared to the terrorist, criminal and health danger's the government is imposing on Queens letting all these unknown, unverified, sick and UN-quarrenteened people into its big city suburbs.

Anonymous said...

We had a poison ivy problem where I live. So I found a recipe on line to kill it.
Used some vinegar, salt and liquid soap. It's all gone now. No nasty chemicals that would hurt the birds around here.
Only downside is the area smelled like a salad for 2 or 3 days.