Friday, August 22, 2014

Pickaxe waved at protest

From the Queens Tribune:

Weeks of dispute over hiring at a new Long Island City hotel have culminated in a tense back and forth between hotel managers and the community.

Queensbridge residents and members of nonprofit Urban Upbound gathered outside the soon to open Mayflower International Hotel last Friday morning to protest alleged unfair hiring practices there. The press conference followed an episode in which Urban Upbound CEO and senior pastor at Center of Hope International Bishop Mitchell Taylor was recorded on hotel cameras shoving an employee who confronted him at the door.

Taylor and a handful of employees then exited the hotel pushing and shoving, with Taylor briefly grabbing a pickaxe and waving it upside down at the workers.

Taylor issued an apology for the violence at Friday’s rally.

“I apologize for that kind of aggression and [that] incident, but I don’t apologize for standing up for my community,” Taylor said.

A number of other speakers issued their support for Taylor regarding the altercation, including Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan (D-Sunnyside), who said, “I have no issues with what happened yesterday.”


Mike Francesa said...

It would have been more effective if he waved a hammer and sickle.

Anonymous said...

I believe, but I can't prove it, that Taylor is one of the sleaziest "Ministers" in NYC. Considering we have Floyd Flake here, that's saying a lot

Anonymous said...

Marxing for jobs

Anonymous said...

“I have no issues with what happened yesterday.”

I guess in Nolan's world it's okay to push, shove and intimidate people as long as you issue an apology to the press and not to the individuals who were pushed, shoved and intimidated.

What a freakin' idiot! Next time she is running for election her constituents should "push" her opponents voting lever.

Anonymous said...

There is a concerted effort to open up the waterfront for development. It is a subtle but wide ranging plan that will decades to unfold.

Bring hipsters to the waterfront with programs creating an awareness its of 'development potential.'

Start to reconfigure the area with 'development friendly' things as improved bus services and those godforsaken bike lanes.

Now what about the projects?

Now, peeps, that head of Queens Delegation Nolan has come out in favor of this man is wonderful and a testament of his influence and leadership.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said "consider the lilies of the field".

Bishop Michael Taylor says "consider the pickaxe".

Cathy Nolan said...

My complete remarks at the rally made it clear I don't condone violence. I do believe this group of powerful former Giuliani officials is trying to provoke and discredit Rev. Taylor, who I have worked with for many years. I respect his version of this unfortunate event and continue to hope his legitimate concerns will be addressed. Thanks for letting me respond, Cathy Nolan

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised. I thought it was Bush's fault.

Anonymous said...

Now let's be fair to the good reverend, he didn't wave the pickaxe at the rally, he did that during a previous scuffle he started.

Also, "marxing for jobs": awesome.

And is that the real Cathy Nolan? How can we know?

Anonymous said...

Rally vs INS who granted Chinese investors EB5 visa of $500,000 each in exchange of their GREENCARD. There are more to come!This will impact our house invesments, livelihood, labor & quality of life & economy. Chinese are coming bec Mainland China eco. is spiraling down.

Bob Seger said...

Shakedown, breakdown, takedown
Everybody wants into the crowded line
Breakdown, takedown, you're busted

Anonymous said...

And is that the real Cathy Nolan? How can we know?

There is no 'real' Cathy Nolan in the sense there is no 'real' Mike Gianaris, indeed, there is no 'real' government in Albany at all.

That body is wildly considered around the country to be the worst legislature in the nation.

r185 said...

To Cathy Nolan: I'm confused. What exactly was it about which you had "no issues"?

Anonymous said...

If filling in online HR surveys doesn't get you a job, marching in the streets for it will!